Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"I'd rather kiss a wookie"

Most days I blog about silly things. Those are usually my favorites.
I think being able to laugh at life is a blessing.
Like the wonderful Marjory Hinckley said,

"The only way to get through life,
is to laugh your way through it.
You either have to laugh or cry.
I prefer to laugh.
Crying gives me a headache."
Wise woman.

Other times though, I feel like I am overwhelmed with thoughts and honestly,
that's when my best writing comes out.
So lets get get real today...
I guarantee that you have felt this way at least ONCE in your life and if you haven't,
I applaud you.
(Liar liar pants on fire!)

Let me paint you a little picture...

You are scrolling through your blog feed and you see a post from one of your favorite bloggers,
Oh goody- you think to yourself.
You click on it and are overwhelmed by pretty pictures and smiling faces and cute stories.
Ahhh. You think. I wish I had a life as fun and exciting as that.

Or you go to the store and you see a young mom who has two perfect babies and she has her hair done and makeup perfect and you slowly slouch by in your sweats and greasy hair. You reach for the peanut butter hoping that yesterdays deodorant is still doing its job.

How does she DO it? You say to yourself.
Let me share some secrets with you. . .

Sure, that mom is probably awesome and beautiful, but she has her days too.
And yes, that blogger seems to have the perfect life,
But I GUARANTEE that someone has thought that about YOU too.
I had a friend comment about my blog and wondered how I "do it" and you know what I did?
I laughed. I said, "I fake it. I usually only post the good stuff because that's what I want to remember."
Makes sense right?
I'm all for documenting the great things of life.
But I challenge YOU...
I challenge you to post about the other stuff too.
Did your husband forget to pick up his socks again?
Did your baby have a major diaper explosion in the middle of the mall?
It happens guys! I can vouch for that.
Blog about it!
Make it funny.
Lets laugh together because the alternative is crying... and well, that's just stupid.

If you turn it into a sob fest, I WILL go kid history on you...
(Not sure what I mean by that)
Facebook status' (Stati?) ARE not diaries folks!

Unless it's a great way to segway into a blog post...

Marketing... like a boss.
But not really because I just make this up as I go.
This is me... Laughing.


Recently Roached said...

It's all one big comparathon sometimes, right? :) That's why I like to blog about our not-so-great stories sometimes. It's more relatable. And I think, more funny. :)

Just found your blog. Love it. I'm about to go stalk-tastic on your posts.

Shauna said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I like this post! I for the first time just posted about a not friendly topic last week. It was liberating. Hope you don't mind, I made myself a new follower :)


Ali Mills said...

I love you. I just scheduled a post like this for tomorrow! Cuz I definitely had a couple firsts happen yesterday with Rory and I had a breakdown hahaha BUT I can smile about it now see ;)

Alexis Kaye said...

Probably my favorite post of yours. Honestly, I don't follow blogs like that usually. I think they're kind of silly. I like to be able to connect to other bloggers and you can't do that very well if the other is painting a picture of perfection

{[Jessica]} said...

Most of us forget we are ALL human. We all have feelings. We all hurt, cry and laugh!!! We just go from one happy snap shot to the next forgetting about the moments in between