Monday, October 8, 2012

"Have fun storming the castle"

It's a stormy week. And dont mean the weather.
This week is the mighty horse show for the Gardner clan.
Family has been coming into town all weekend for this and its been a blast having them here.
So if I am MIA the next few days you will know why.
I am also getting a new computer (hallelujah! Thanks Aaron!)
I am still getting things ready for my princess biz.
(Storybook Adventures is underway! I'm so excited I cant STAND it)
-If you know anyone who is an awesome seamstress interested in a trade of sorts for a gown, PLEASE let me know!-
My blogger of the week fell through this week, so stay tuned for next Monday.
I got a mother-in-laws birthday on Wednesday that I want to make special.
And my camera isnt working. :(
Color me surprised.
But October is my all time FAVORITE month because of
I am still trying to figure out costumes for us three and have a few ideas but nothing
is screaming at me yet.
I keep telling myself... It will come. It will come.



Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

have fun with all of your family!
and i had to read this post when i saw the title in my reader. its my mothers favorite movie of all time. and so i've been thoroughly indoctrinated :)

Ali Mills said...

You are so funny!! Enjoy all the family time! And I'm still super jealous of your Princess Party business - I SOO wish I lived close to you! Good luck with everything!!

October is a really great month (my birthday month!) and I have NO idea what to dress us up for either!

Siri Natalia said...

Oh my goodness she is precious!