Sunday, October 7, 2012

Special Sunday

Most Sundays are special but this one in particular is a wonderful one. I try not to post on Sundays but I thought this would be appropriate.
Right now my heart is full of love because we get to hear living prophets speak and share messages that are uplifting to the soul.
It's LDS Conference time.
Gavin, my mother-in-law and myself are wrapped up in blankets on the couch listening while paisley sleeps upstairs. I am so thankful for this opportunity to strengthen my testimony and to relax. Conference is an awesome time. Since I am in such a good mood I'd like to share my happy thoughts for the day.
1-Paisley woke up really early this morning just wanting to play. Her squeals of delight still ring in my ears even though it was 5AM in the morning. I snuggled up with her and started tickling her face. Seeing the joy on her face is like nothing else in this world.
2-Soft/clean sheets. I crawl into bed and do a little "snow angel" action just because it feels so good.
3-I love snuggling on the couch late at night with my baby and my other baby watching a movie. The house is clean, a candle is burning, the washer is running and the rhythm of the washer is so soothing.
4-Receiving love notes from my handsome hubby
5-Gavin making breakfast and cleaning the kitchen so I can sleep a bit longer since playing with a certain baby at 5 in the morning
6-New friends. You've just met but it's like you've been friends your whole life.
7-Knowing my family is together forever. Not just my little family of three, but the entire family. Each and everyone of them are wonderful and I don't know what I'd do without them. I hope they know how much I love and miss them.
And since I can't end on an odd number...
8-New mascara. If I don't put any other makeup on, I at least put on mascara. Makes me feel pretty.
Hope your Sunday is lovely.


Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz said...

I LOVE Conference Sunday. It has been incredibly uplifting. There's such a peace and lightness it brings into our home as we watch it.

Thanks for sharing :)

Heather and Holly said...

I loved this post! It does a lot for me when I can focus on the positive and document it somewhere! LOVE it!