Our Story

New Years Eve {December 2008} was the day the greatest adventure of my life began.

I had met a guy who I thought was really cute. We had seen each other off and on randomly across campus. He was on the football team, I was in student government. It was the homecoming pep rally and the wind was blowing and I had the daunting task of distributing cotton candy.
 {You can imagine the mess it made}
But it was that wind that had initially brought us together.
I was thinking about this moment while listening to the radio and driving down I-15. I was nervous. I was excited. I was flat out crazy; I had agreed to go to a cabin with this hottie football player {who I barely knew}and a few of his friends for the New Year celebrations. But amazingly, I had a really good feeling about it. We decided to meet up at the Maverik gas station in Lehi and we would drive the rest of the way together. When I saw him, I couldnt help but smile when his eyes met mine. It was going to be a great night. We arrived at the cabin and I was thrilled to find that I actually knew some of his friends. Immediately all the stress from wanting to impress were gone and I was free to be myself.
We ate yummy food, played fun games and told funny stories. It felt like I'd known Gavin for years. It was just perfect how well we got along and how I'd get that little fluttering in my tummy whenever he'd smile at me. At end the night, someone popped in a movie and we all squished together on the couch. A few minutes into it, Gavin whispered softly in my ear and politely asked if he could hold me.
Of course I said yes.
We spent everyday together since.

True Love:
After a few months of dating, my birthday came up and Gavin surprised me with something he knew would melt my heart. He told me that we were going to Disneyland. Dixie State does a trip once a semester where they leave on a bus friday at midnight, travel all night long and arrive in Anaheim when Disneyland opens.
 We'd have all day to play at the park and the bus would leave once it closed so we'd be back to St. George early Sunday morning.
I had never had so much fun. We skipped to the different rides. We ran to greet the characters. We even found a grassy spot where we could lay out the blanket and take a nap. We rode {almost} every ride, we sampled yummy treats and we treasured every second together. By the end of the night we were exhausted. We decided to take the last couple hours easy and just enjoy being together at the happiest place on earth. It had started to get windy again. {That darn wind!} So we snuggled up in our blanket waiting for the fireworks
{That amazing wind!} Unfortunately, the fireworks were cancelled, but that was ok because we decided to take a walk by the castle. Gavin slowed me down as we neared the bridge and pulled me close. The lights from the castle sparkled in his eyes and he whispered gently the words I had been dying to say but didnt because I wanted him to say them first.
"I love you."
My grin could outshine that of the chesire cat.
"I love you too." I whispered back.
He pulled me close and kissed me softly on the lips.
It didnt matter the show was cancelled, because the fireworks I saw outshown any that would have appeared that night.

The next few months were chalked full of pranks, giggles, kisses, dancing, songs, football games, cupcake runs and late night movies. I loved our life together. I knew I didnt want it to end.
He proposed on July 24, 2009. I couldnt say yes fast enough. {We tend to keep things on or close to holidays. We joke that that is the only way we'd remember anniversaries.}
We had a long engagement of 9 months {Long for those of us in the LDS culture}
But we were finally sealed to be together for all eternity on Feb. 12, 2010. It was a magical day. It was a perfect day. It was the day he became mine and I became his forever.
Not a day goes by where I dont think about that day and the promises we made and how special he make me feel. Sometimes I wonder what I did right to make this wonderful man fall in love with me. The whole world seems to come together when he hold me in his arms. I love him with all my heart.
He is My {ultimate} Happy Thought.

We recently have a new Happy Thought...

Paisley Jane Gardner was born May 31, 2012 and we couldnt be more thrilled.
She gives us wings.


Buckeroomama said...

I so enjoyed reading your story... beautiful and romantic. I loved it!

Thank you for sharing. :)

Pearl said...

I loved reading your love story. Thank you for sharing! :-)

Mrs. Ali said...

Ahhh I love you! My hubs proposed to me at Disneyland when I worked there! ;) I think you guys are adorable and I love the title of the blog!

Totally a new follower ;)

Nicki said...

Too cute! At first you had me thinking he was going to propose at the castle, but I still loved it. Oh hopeless romantics. Gotta love that wind.

Lauren Gardner said...

Thanks you guys! I'd say its my own little fairytale for sure! Oh I would have LOVED a proposal at the castle, but that would have been a bit too soon into our relationship. I am blissfully happy with his confession of loving me instead. Perfect. :)

Olivia Lisa Mangle said...

Aww my heart started to melt the moment I started to read your story! Thank you for sharing, God bless x

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

great story. and i LOVE the name paisley jane!!

LaNa said...

just stumbled upon your blog via Interiors by Kenz. I enjoyed your DIY sign for your daughter's room. Funny thing...I too have a daughter named Paisley! She was born just 13 days after yours!!