Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Last year, I wrote for the college newspaper, The Dixie Sun. One of the articles I did was on pranks. Technically, as a writer for the paper, you cant use personal stories, but this prank was too good not to. Below is an exerpt from the article I wrote about the prank Lexy and her "friend" (me) pulled on Mr. Gavin Gardner. . .

Learn to pull off successful pranks

By Lauren Jones

"April Fools' Day is still a distance away, but that doesn't stop some students from finding ways to break away from the everyday routine and enjoy life to the fullest.Most people have been the target of a prank. Sometimes it has been funny, and other times we just want revenge.

Lexy Cline, a freshman radiology major from Salt Lake City, was with her friend (ME!) when they decided to pull a prank on Gavin Gardner, a sophomore biology major from Lake Shore, who was out of town at the time. They started blowing up a bunch of pink balloons, planning on filling up his dorm room, but they got to the 70th balloon and realized that they would be there forever. So, instead they put a sheet by the door and filled the space with the balloons. When their friend came home, it was so packed he couldn't even open the door.

"I was confused why my door wouldn't open," Gardner said. "Then I saw the balloons, and I thought it filled the entire room. So I whipped out my pocket knife and started popping. I was relieved when I saw the sheet and realized that it wasn't entirely full. I was shocked they came up with that. Let the games begin."

To get the girls back, Gardner inadvertently told them he was allergic to latex. The girls got worried and went to his place to see what they could do. Gardner then "popped" out and scared them half to death."

. . . This is a pic only about a fourth of the way done. Gavin was out of town and his suitemate and friend, Craig let us in to play the joke on him. We werent sure when he'd be back, so we were trying to hurry.

This is Craig . . . Caught helping with the prank!

And this is Lexy helping too. :)

Good times. . . Good times.


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