Monday, October 12, 2009

Cotton Candy! he he he

To begin, all who read this blog should know that this is my first. I am just a beginner. Being a beginner I think I should fill everyone in on a little bit of mine and Lauren's beginnings. The first words ever spoken between the two of us was truly about the weather. It was a windy night in St George, infact it was a pep rally for the Homecoming football game the next day. Lauren had the daunting task of making cotton candy in the wind. Ha ha ha ha, it was quite a sight. So being a damsel in distress I had to take my chance. And there we were, talking about the weather, but that wind lead me to the most beautiful woman in my life..... Jumping forward one year, Lauren was kind enough to put together some treats and a poster for a pregame surprise for this years homecoming. Included in those treats was some cotton candy. It was really good, the one bag had three different flavors. I suggested to Lauren that she closed her eyes and I would give her samples and she would have to guess the flavor. Well, it wasn't much of a challenge for her, and on my shelf was some salt,.... I couldn't resist! As I attempted to shake a little salt into her mouth, I bumped it too hard and a large amount dropped in. I felt bad. kinda, and in retaliation she told me that I had to let her tickle me. She didn't stop for ten minutes. Between the tickling and the image of her face in my mind I could not stop laughing. Wow, I love cotton candy!!!


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