Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nursery Room

i was finally able to get my baby's room together! 
It only took 14 weeks (not including the pregnancy)
to get it all together.
I have been waiting for this for a long time and it is perfect for my little fairy.

I love it. . .
PS. I based the design of her room all around that cute little teddy bear pictured above. 
Its the one from the movie Hook. :)
And... I made the Let her Sleep board. See how here
I also made the pom poms. She how here
I also made the butterfly mobile but I dont have a tutorial on that. Want one?
My mom made the banner for Paisley's Blessing day and transferred it to her room.
We also re-upholstered the chair because it was ugly before... now its perfect.
ALSO... Gavin made the crib AND the changing table. 
I think having everything handmade makes it even more special, dont you think?



Ali Mills said...

Dude you need to come here and make Rory's nursery cute! I love this so much!! Especially that hutch! I want one so bad so I can put my snowglobes in there - plus I LOVE that teddy bear! That's one of my fave movies ;)

Kaycie Eddie said...

How gorgeous! My favorite part is the corner of Pom poms! And wow, way to go, Lauren's husband!

Jess said...

I absolutely LOVE what you did! It's so whimsical and chic. She'll love it.

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

beautiful you and Gavin are so talented! love ya!

Alexis Kaye said...

wow it really does look so good! way to go martha stewart!

Gentri said...

Way cute! Is it REALLY the one from hook?? Like, THE one?!

Carlie said...

So cute! It totally reminds me of a fairy tale princess room!

Rolled Up Pretty said...


{[Jessica]} said...

that is adorable!!!
&& talk about handy.. homemade crib & changing table... :)))

Bethany said...


Mary said...

Ah! This is ADORABLE! My daughter is one and I never got the change to decorate her room- and I love everything you have done and plan on stealing many ideas. =]

Megan said...

HOLY CRAP!! her room is AMAZING!! please come decorate Elijah's room for me. Seriously seriously incredible! you guys are so so crafty and creative!