Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She will move mountains

I found this adorable print of Pinterest and I just HAD to have one for Poppy's room.

But it was just a picture. . .
and sadly not a link to someone's etsy shop so I did what anyone would do.
I decided to make one myself!

First off, I contacted Holly from CARisma Vinyl and asked her to make me a decal.
She had it to me super quick and it was time to get down to biz-nass.

Materials needed:
A lightweight board for your base
Old dictionary or cute scrapbook paper. {You can even use old maps. Sweet right?}
Modge podge
Spray paint
Decal with desired quote
Sponge brush

Step 1: Gather materials
Step 2: Modge podge dictionary paper ALL over the board.
Tip--make sure you modge podge the actual board, THEN over the top of the paper so it will stick better.
I learned the hard way.
Step 3: After modge podge is dry- rub decal onto board
Step 4: Spray paint entire board-Apply has many coats as desired

Step 5: When paint is dry, remove decal letters.
Tip--if you modge podged it correctly, you wont need to do any touch ups.
I, however, didnt do it right at first, so i needed to tear small pieces of dictionary paper and
re-modge podge it in the spaces. I also touched up a bit of the paint.

When its all done. . .
Its gorgeous!
I mounted it behind some plexiglass to make it look more artsy.
I cant WAIT to put it up in her room!

Let me know if you have any questions!



Ali Mills said...

SOOOOO cute!! ;) I love it!

Mekenzie @ Interiors by Kenz said...

I LOVE IT! It's perfect :)

Alexis Kaye said...

that looks incredible! better than the original!

The Students Wife said...

What a cute idea! I love the red too!


Natasha said...

absolutely gorgeous! You did an awesome job. I like your even better than the pinterest one.

Anonymous said...

The original was here. Kelsey also made it!


Anonymous said...

found you from Interiors by Kenz... LOVE IT! And that quote is awesome :)

WUVIE said...

Is simply wonderful.
Thank you!