Monday, January 30, 2012

Will You Accept this Tacky TV Show?

I know this is a bit late but I have been behind in my reality tv shows lately.
I have a guilty pleasure and it comes in the form of romantic dates, crazy girls and roses.
Yes, I watch The Bachelor.

{Remember this post? Or this one?}

I honestly dont know why I enjoy watching it... it is kinda like a train wreck.
I. Cant. Look. Away.
So here are the thoughts that are going through my head during the Park City Episode:

1. Park City Baby!
2. Girls are so silly
3. "I wish it were over and done and we were going to the grocery store right now" Ha.
4. Is it just me or are they totally playing up the Kacie B + Ben relationship?
5. I just LOOOOOVE Utah.
6. Ben is kinda a weirdo.
7. I hate when girls 'chat' and just say things the other girl wants to hear.
8. It must be so weird to try to have a normal conversation with a camera in your face.
9. This is awkward. The conversation is definitely lagging.
10. Beaver dam? Really?
11. All the food they are eating is making me hungry... I must be pregnant.
12. All the kissing is making me nauseous. . . I must be pregnant.
13. I would go CRAZY around so many girls 24/7
14. I dont like Courtney. "When I am around him, I blossom." Um. . . Shut up.
15. "This fire is hot." Um, really?
16. Shall we create a tally of how many times they mention Ashley? I think we are on number 2.
17. Really? He gave her a rose? Lame.
18. Yum... Smores. Yup. I am prego.
19. Fishing date? Um... snore.
20. Is the Utah girl mad they are in Park City?
21. He does NOT look at ease on a horse...
22. Hmm... that horse kinda looks like one of our horses. His name is Uhno.
23. Bahaha! He totally almost fell off the horse and into the river. I soooo wish he had.
24. Where are they riding my utah peeps? Its super pretty.
25. Kacie--shut up.
26. Line of the night... "Catching a fish probably isnt harder than catching a man."
27. Wow. Courtney is FULL of fishing/dating references.
28. They are drinking... of course.
29. "Mustard is my favorite condiment" Gag Ben.
30. Lyndzi look like she has been to the spray tan a few too many times.
31. Ew they are kissing fish.
32. "You thrive in a group setting?" What does THAT mean?
33. Whoa Samantha... rein it in a bit, girl.
34. She IS emotional.
35. Brava Ben, for being honest.
36. Whoa... another {indirect} Ashley reference. Count= 3
37. Something about red head Jennifer is creepy.
38. Ben. Haircut. Please.
39. I totally thought they were naked! Ewwww!
40. She is so fake and manipulative. Why does he like that?
41. Nooo! Dont give the rose to that crazy girl.

Well my time at the library is up.
{Yes, I have to catch up on my shows at the library because we cant afford internet.}
Its late. And I am hungry.
Looks like I will have to finish this episode another time.
How will I ever survive not knowing what happens?
Ah... c'est la vie!


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