Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I went to the rodeo last night so I missed the Bachelorette, but Hulu is a lifesaver... so here are my thoughts about the latest episode:

1. FIJI?! UGH! So jealous.

2. Yes, wouldnt we ALL like to fall in love and get engaged in Fiji... No, actually I prefer the Spanish Fork canyon on the 24th of July during fireworks. :)

3. Her voice is so whiney

4. Whew! Tinkerbelle dress!

5. Ben likes fairies...

6. "I am real I promise" Sounds like something someone NOT real would say.

7. Yes! Big fat greek family.

8. But then there's JP....

9. Look at that goofy grin when she first met JP

10. So much kissing... What if someone had mono? It would spread like wildfire!
11. Overnight dates? What?

12. Haha! She is so short she has to get on her tippy toes to see in the mirror

13. WHO SHOWED UP!?!?! Maybe Ryan... He seems creepy enough to do something weird like that.

14. Commercial... If its Bentley, I might barf.

15. I knew it!
16. He looks like a psycho stalker!

17. "What if she's regretting sending me home?" Ummm get over it! She is obviously over you!
18. I'd be seeing RED FLAGS if he showed up in Fiji.

19. She looks creeped out.

20. Nerd.

21. Her door says Ashley... Thats asking for creepy stalkers like Ryan.

22. Rehearse much, Ryan?

23. Do you think he flew out on his own dime or the producers flew him out?

24. Oh he called Chris... Chris probably thinks he's psycho too.


26. Stop talking Ryan. You are nuts.

27. Oh Ash, dont encourage him.

28. Pretty sure she said the "book was closed" when she sent you home, Ryan. Idiot.

29. I feel so awkward right now... I almost cant watch it.

30. Can I got to Fiji? Tomorrow?
31. Bahaha! I want you to do everything. Very forward Ash. I could almost see him blushing from here.

32. Awkie.

33. Oh he is "BEAMING"

34. He said, "Its preeety" funny.

35. Oh Ben! Dont say you love her yet! So awkward.

36. She says perfect weird.

37. I love that she isnt wearing make up. I think she is pretty.

38. He is trying so hard to figure out how to say it...

39. I cant really tell if he said it or not. Um... not.

40. Whoa, they are sharing a suite? Scandalous.

41. Whoa... That is a pretty sweet suite.

42. That water looks amazing.

43. Those frogs look scary.

44. Gosh Ashley, why dont you just focus on the 3 handsome guys you have in front of you and forget about creepy stalker boy.

45. I think you need a haircut too, Constantine.

46. I loved his reaction to the helicopter.

47. Bahahaha! Creeper! (Ryan staring at the helicopter)

48. That waterfall is gorgeous

49. I really admire Constantine. What a stand up guy. I lov ehis honesty.

50. She does this when she purses her lips and it drives me nuts.

51. "What if I end up all alone?" Shut up... the would doesnt end when the show ends.

52. Ryan is like nails on a chalkboard.

53. Whew! Way to go Ash! Send him packin!

54. Seriously dude? Did you really think you stood a chance?

55. "It will happen". Yes, keep telling yourself that.

56. Ash and JP are cute together.

57. I am getting bored...

58. Their own private island? So jealous.

59. That mic pack on her bikini must be uncomfortable.

60. JP is kinda intense.

61. But I think he is honest and really loves her. (Ugh even saying it makes me gag, but hey this is my thought process watching the show.)

62. Oh boy... here come the dramatics.

63. Ash, brush the leaf off JP's head

64. Bahahaha! He thought Bentley came back lol.

65. Blah blah blah

66. I fast forwarded. Hope I didnt miss anything important. (HA! Important... its the bachelorette... nothing is THAT important)

67. Haha she lays down Constantine's photo. Dramatic.

68. Oh geez... I feel awkward.

69. Pretty sure she has worn that dress before.

70. Why was that all drawn out and dramatic? Lame.

71. Men tell all! This Sunday!!!

72. OH! They BOTH said they love her!
73. Dun dun dun!!!

Gotta love the drama.

Oh gag... I just watched the after credits clip with her and Ben laughing about toes.... weirdos.

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Mandy said...

Lauren--- I love these posts with this show. Cause I literally remember thinking the exact same things in the exact same spots! GAG and awkie! ha