Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Body

Dear Body,

I am sorry for biting the my nails.
I am sorry for not always brushing your teeth and washing your face at night, and I'm sorry for all the sugar I put in you.

I'm sorry I dont wear my glasses enough and it gives you headaches.

I deeply regret perming your hair and then hating you for it, when it was really all my fault.

I'm sorry for taunting that dog and scarring your face when you were a baby.
Sorry, too, about all those high heels. (I cant help buying them even though I dont wear them anymore.)

I am sorry that I prefer you to be skinny and insult you when you're not. Oh, and uh, sorry for not eating breakfast every morning.
I'm sorry that I always forget to give you enough sleep.

I am sorry for the skinny jeans.

I am sorry for talking smack about you.

Although, I am grateful for the braces you got when I was 16 even though I hated every second of wearing them.

I am grateful for your freckles.

I love how silky your hair is when I actually style it.

I love that you can sing. (sometimes)

I love your blue eyes.

I love the energy you give me (most the time)

I love your hands and the work they do every day.

I promise to treat you better if you promise the same for me!



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