Friday, July 22, 2011


Why is it that I ALWAYS need to sneeze after:

A) I've just eaten?


B) I've just put mascara on?

Either way, I end up looking like a disgusting fool. If you've seen the panda video of the pic above, you know what I mean when I say that I must be the baby panda and Gavin is the big panda. I always scare the bajesus out of him when I have a sneeze attack.

How nasty is this picture I found? NAS-TY! Cover your mouths people!!!

I just remembered a funny allergy story....
A few weeks ago, me and gavin and my friend Tanya decided to go on a horse ride. So I went up to the farm to get the horses while I waited for Gavin to show up with the trailer. I went and caught the horses without any problems... But while I was waiting for Gav, I started sneezing uncontrollably. I was only outside for maybe 20 minutes and I must have sneezed over 60 times. I started to feel really really dizzy and at this point, Gav had shown up and took over getting the horses settled. I hoped in the car hoping to get away from a freshly cut field of hay and the wind that was blowing it in my face. My eyes were really itchy and swollen so I looked in the mirror and gasped. My actual EYEBALLS were swollen. They were so swollen that I could barely blink. You know that little membrane in the corner of your eye by your tear duct? That part was swollen up over my eye lids. I looked HIDEOUS. After seeing how awful I looked, I started to freak out. I called Gavin over and asked if I looked ok. His eyes got kinda buggy and he noticibly gulped.
"Yeah, your eyes look a little weird."
We discussed it and decided to wait and see if it took care of its self. We ran to the house to pick up my friend and I ran inside to take some allergy medicine. Remember this scene on Hitch?

Yeah, that was me.

Anywho... I took some medicine and started feeling a bit better. My eyes were still swollen but I could blink now. We got to our riding trail and saddled up. I put on sunglasses and my hood because the wind was irritating my eyes. I looked like the unibomer. Nice.

Along the ride I started to get drowsy from the medicine, which would be fine, because the horses usually just follow each other, but this time I had to stay awake because there were tree limbs everywhere and I didnt want to be knocked off. Luckily Gavin had a slogan written on the back of his shirt and I had to really focus on it to stay awake.
It was definitely an adventure.

Sorry. I would have taken a pic of my crazy alien eyes, but I wanted to shield everyone from that horror.

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