Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pet Peeve

Ok so I have alot of pet peeves but recently one has been constantly brought to my attention and gnawing on my insides, driving me nuts!

To explain, I consider myself to be a pretty funny gal. I enjoy making people smile, and I enjoy making people laugh even more. I'd say I have a dry sense of humor with a dash of sarcasm. (Ok, if you know me, its more than a dash but hey, its all good)

Anyway what drives me bonkers is when I say something I think is clever/whitty and/or funny and the other person asks me where I got my joke from; or "where did you hear that?" Or "what is that from?"

Why is it so hard for people to think that maybe what I said was true inspiration and not something I stole from a movie/tv show/joke book? Do I really come across as someone who has no sense of humor or doesnt know how to let loose?

Harrrumph.... :( This is my pouty face.

Here is an example:
A few weeks ago I was chattin it up with my cousin Kaity about life and how this pet peeve of mine has been such a constant companion of my the last few weeks. We chuckled at that and eventually we started about other things like how Gav and I are moving into my grandparents house while they go on a mission. We talked about how we went and visited them and got a grand tour of the house and was made aware of what we needed to do while living there. One thing was to keep the garden and yard looking spick and span. There is alot of pressure to make sure it looks nice and well kept because when we arrived there was a sign up in their yard from the City saying they won an award for yard of the month.
Oh you know, no pressure!
Gavin got up to get some more food and on his way out said something like... "Oh I'm not worried because Lauren is a great weeder." I scoffed as he walked away and turned to my cousin.
"Yeah right... I am not much of a gardener..."

{Insert pause while the punchline dawns on me}

"But then again.... I am a Gardner...."
Kaity started laughing and my aunt came over to see what was so funny. We recounted the story and she laughed as she turned to me and said,
"What is that from?"

Bah... Humbug.


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