Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Remember this post about my stunt man of a dad?
Well now its time to brag about my mama.
I mentioned in that post how my dad did the shootouts at Lagoon Amusement Park.
Well I failed to mention my mom also worked there in the entertainment department.
They met there...
{Pause to sigh... Awww!}
Apparently the performers were the cool kids on the block.
Anyway, my mom is quite the performer.
Quite talented if I do say so myself.
On our trip {Florida} my mom tried out for the American Idol Experience in Disney's Hollywood Studios, and my mom was asked to perform.

We got to see her rock the stage for the first show of the night...
She is super talented. Seriously. 

Oh, did I mention she won? 

Yup. Hands down.
The crowd loved her!

 She got to go onto the finale of the show and sing her little heart out again.

Unfortunately she didnt win that round, but it was so fun to see her perform and hear her sing. 
She is my hero. 

I bet my dad felt like he was back in his Lagoon days, falling in love with the hot brunette with the big hair and even bigger voice.


Chelsea said...

Woah! That's way cool. Sounds like you have a neat family.

Also. I love your pictures! That one on the top left is SO pretty!

Gentri said...

What a cute and sweet post!! Love it. :) I want to hear your mom sing!

Vivian said...

Don't know if I told you before but I come from a very musical family as well. I never knew anything else but to be part of my mom's musical career. Makes you proud huh? I's sure you must have inherited some of their musical genes, if not, little bundel will for sure! Make sure you help him/her develop that gift.