Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tacky TV Show Part II

I obviously couldnt stay away long from my beloved reality shows.
So here I am. . . back at the library, anxiously waiting for hulu to load.

1. Um... I dont know about this 'crater' dealio...
2. What is with Ben and heights?
3. Underwater shots are awkward.
4. Its time for the nitty gritty
5. Oh the rain... perfect timing.
6. Shut up Courtney
7. Drama drama drama
8. Very blunt Ben
9. I thought that Kacie S was being mature about the Courtney situation... until she blabs to Courtney.
10. Shave her eyebrows off? Whoa... she is scary.
11. Girls swearing is sooooo not attractive
12. Oh boy. Smack down.
13. Is Courtney drunk?
14. "Winning. I have a rose. You dont." Real mature. Nay... winning.
15. Purple eyeshadow is intense
16. Gotta love the dramatic music
17. One rose left... Who will it be?
18. I love that Chris has to announce its the final rose. . . Like they dont know.
19. Its gonna be Monica
20. Whoa! I was wrong! I thought Emily blew it.
21. Courtney is shooting daggers.
22. Awkward being the ONLY one who doesnt get a rose.
23. She is probably bummed that she is already home in Utah.
24. She is crying? She didnt even really know him.
25. I think the drama from the first episode with her was fake.
26. Do you think the limo just took her home?
27. "I was just there two months ago... I can go higher than anybody..." Seriously, how old is she? Hate is not strong enough a word.
28. Really Emily? STILL narking on Courtney?
29. Oh boy... Thank goodness I can watch the next one right away! Yay for being behind a week!

I probably wont blog about it though. We'll see.


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Carlie said...

I just caught up on that same show last night! I still have Monday's to watch now. Courtney drives me nuts!