Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Strange Addiction

Ok maybe its not THAT strange... Apparently TONS of people watch it religiously so its time to come clean an admit that I, too, watch....

The Bachelorette

What is it about this show that literally has thousands of people tuning in every Monday night? Well for me, its the complete and utter ridiculous-ness of it all. (Is "ridiculous-ness" a word? If not, I just made it one) Hmmm... lets take a woman and give her 30 guys to date and eventually she will eliminate all but one and hopefully he will like her back and they will get married and live the rest of their lives complaining how they are famous and dont get any privacy? Yes, lets force a relationship to work and act surprised if it doesn't quite go as planned in the end. Ridiculous(-ness).

But I will admit, it is super fun to see all the awkward moments, fun and exciting dates, and exotic places.
This last episode was hometowns where this seasons Bachelorette, Ashley, gets to meet the final four guy's families. Ugh how hard would that be? Its hard enough to meet the parents, but this poor thang has do it FOUR times with the knowledge that we will have to eliminate one guy at the end of all it! Awkie... (My new word for awkard)
So here are my thoughts during the last episode:

1. Ryan was a weirdo... dont feel bad you eliminated him. Weird to the O
2. Ben is a real guy. (uh, arent they ALL?) Physically so (attractive/attracted?) to me. (What did she say there? Conceded much Ash?)
3. Sure he seems like a nice guy... to bad his hair is ugly.
4. Are Ben and Constantine twins? No? they just have ugly hair.
5. Love the floating lantern
6. Ames. Oh Ames. You know he was totally wasted when he decided to do that elevator kiss.
7. Smooth JP... Heads you get a kiss... Let me see that coin.
8. JP has small eyebrows
9. Of course she has a small dog that fits in a purse.
10. She has such a hankering for Josh Groban!
11. She is always so awkie when she greeting her dates
12. Dont tell me you dont think of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" when you see Constantine's family.
13. "Your charming today" Not any other days, just today.
14. I love that the servers are spying!
15. This press is gonna be great for the family business.
16. I love that his mom is equal parts greek and southern.
17. "Give me a word, and I show you that the root of that word is Greek." BFGW
18. Do they dance like that all the time? Ooooh! Throw me some money!
19. Opa!
20. Pantotini Agape. Greek for Love Forever. Cute.
21. Ames always looks like he's not quite grasping the conversation. Blank.
22. He also talks like he just got his braces off.
23. Amsie had another spray tan. (oompa loompa doopity dee doo.)
24. Haha... sympathy vote...
25. Ames and his sister look alot alike.
26. A little weirded out by how intense his sister is.
27. I LOVE a magnolia tree.
28. Sprezza what?
29. Oh being romantic through ordinary life... I got it now. Sprezzatura. I should have known.
30. Sorry Ames, I'm totally distracted by your unnatural orange skin.
31. Giddy up Ames!
32. She didnt almost tackle the other guys when she first saw them...
33. I cant help but think one of the reasons she likes Ben... Free wine.
34. This family meeting seems more of a downer than the others
35. Tender talks... tuning out. Sorry.
36. Poor Ben.
37. I'm bored... fast forwarding.
38. Her voice is gonna be the death of me... Like totally.
40. She is more physical with him than any of the other guys.
41. Oh this music... geez.
42. Did they have to rent out the entire rink?
43. I think he meant to biff it
44. Kissy kissy kissy
45. JP has only taken home FOUR girls? Only?
46. Notice Ash's red chin...... makeout burn.
47. Whoa JP... I think you're in loooooove... or lust. One or the other.
48. The more carbs the better. Amen
49. Phuket... hehe.
50. Ash: "Are you shy?" Gag.
51. Another mother/son talk... dont think I am not gonna listen anymore...
52. JP's mom: "Do you love her?" JP: Let me shake my magic 8 ball here... hmmm, all signs point to yes.
53. Ok I guess I did listen.
54. Who is this girl who broke his heart? I am curious now
55. Yes Ash, how do you pick people?
56. JP seems to be able to talk to his brother easier than his mother...
57. Smitten... good way to say it, Ash.
58. Ah! That huge picture is hilarious! Gotta love the Mullet. Kirk Cameron... lol.
59. JP is gonna be the last one standing.
60. I hate it when Ashley and Chris chat... ugh just get ON with it!
61. What if someone choose Chris instead of the Bachelors? Haha. The contestant goes home with the host!
62. Arent sophisticated and educated synonyms?
63. Why are these flashbacks all fuzzy like a dream? Dramatic
64. I think its funny how she stands in front of all their pictures (shrine of bachelors) before she goes to the rose ceremony.
65. Sorry Ames... I think you're the one going home tonight.
66. Blah blah blah, just spit it out Ashley.
67. Yup. Saw that coming.
68. Ames you look so confused. Your face is breaking my heart.
69. Handshake? Awkie!
70. Hahahaha! "A lifetime of adventures with myself." Ames should be a poet. Or write breakup songs for 90's boy bands.
71. I feel bad because he is so polite and nice.
72. I wish I had a dollar for every time she says "you guys"
73. Fiji! Shut up...
73. FIJI!!!! So jealous.
74. Whoa did Ben get a hair cut?
75. Oh... JP pissed Ashley off! Whoever ends up with her will have his hands full.
76. Ugh she is so dramatic...
78. WHO IS AT THE DOOR!!! WHO FLEW TO FIJI!? It better not be Bently. (I love how you can see a cameraman behind her)
79 No offense, but her family seems like white trash.
80. Oh her true side comes out!!! Watch out sis!

Good stuff...

Gavin and I (yes, Gavin has watched this with me) Think that its gonna be JP. What do you think?


Kristen said...

I have to say....I LOVE your commentary of this weeks episode. Made me laugh out loud multiple times!!! Yes, Constantine and Ben could be twins. I get them confused. I think she definitely just needs to end it now and take JP home with her! :)

The Ewell's said...

My votes JP and has been since the beginning:) You had me laughing the whole time...loved reading this!!!