Friday, November 4, 2011

Guest Post {Dance for 5}

Hey Friends! Today I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Vivian.
She has the cutest blog and the cutest kids and is super creative!
You HAVE to go check her out.
Hello My Happy Thought Readers. My name is Vivian and I blog at Dance for 5.  I am very excited to be here today. Lauren is such a fun and sweet person. I’m so grateful I came across her blog a while back. She will always make sure to bring a smile to my face. THANK YOU so much Lauren for having me.

The other day, I had to work at the hospital for a couple of hours and my friend and neighbor was kind enough to watch my kids for that amount of time. When I came to pick them up, this is where I found them:

Do kids still climb trees? I don’t think they do it enough, not anymore. Growing up trees and friends were my favorite pastime. I remember my dad getting one of those huge truck tires and I would swing while singing and pretending I was on stage. We had a guava tree, orange tree, among many others in my backyard. We had literally fresh fruit juices every morning for breakfast. My kids will never know what that’s like. 


When I found them climbing on the tree I knew that besides recording one of those rare moments, I had to remind them of a gift that’s overlooked: Our mother earth. I had to remind them to stay as children as long as they can and to put away the mind consuming technologies and marvel in the simple but yet fascinating things God created to give us peace and joy.

I want to plant more trees. I want to make more swings on trees. I want to feel more leaves on the sole of my shoes when I walk to get the mail.


I once heard that someone’s life is not complete until they write a book, they have a child and they plant a tree. I have been blessed to able to do all three (if journaling and blogging count as a book). Then I might as well say my life is COMPLETE.

Come visit my blog. I would LOVE to have you. I am having a giveaway for my readers and I invite you to enter, too.

Have a great weekend folks!


Thanks so much Vivian! I totally know what you mean.
Sometimes I just want to find a nice tree and climb on up and read a book or take a nap.
{Its going to be too cold for that soon!}
But there are so many things this beautiful world has to offer!
Louis Armstrong gets it right when he says,
"What a WONDERFUL world!"

Go check out her blog now because I am guest posting over there today too.

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Siri Natalia said...

What a Wonderful World indeed :)