Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rub a Dub

This little bug is 9 months old now.
Can you believe it?
Can I believe it?
Heck no.
Just LOOK at how dang cute she is.
She's been crawling all over the place, and on more than one occasion, 
we have found her standing all on her own for about .2 seconds. 
She likes to shake her head real fast and it always seems to be when we are asking her a yes or no question.
"No, no, no!"
She loves sticking her fingers waaaay far into my mouth and tries to grab my tongue. 
And if I havent clipped her nails, dang does it hurt. 
She also gave her Daddy AND I bloody noses in a period of 24 hours. 
Me: she stuck her finger up there far enough up there to make it bleed.
She's so quick!
Gavin: she quickly threw her head back right into his face. BAM! 
Bloody nose.
She has started babbling up a storm and just barely has figured out new sounds and we think she can speak foreign languages even though we dont know which one that is. 
She has also figured out the "I'm gonna getchya!" game so whenever she see's us, she gives us this big grin and takes of crawling as fast as she can, hoping we'll catch her.
We usually do and it ends with giggles and lots of kisses.
Life with the Pais just keeps getting better and better.
PS. Like my curlers? They were in allllll day!
The one time I actually do my hair and I dont even have a minute to take them out! 
Hot, I know. 



Sally said...

So sweet! My little guy is about to turn 9 months here in another week!

Recently Roached said...

Can't handle it. She's adorable.