Friday, March 8, 2013

The woes of a princess

Sometimes, life is hard for a Princess...
So I've heard anyway.
Pretty dramatic stuff goes on when you sing to birds and clean all day.
For example, I ordered 2500 new business cards (designed by my awesome sister)
and they arrived just in time for an event.
I was so giddy and excited.
I tore into that 16 pound box and gasped when I saw how beautiful they were!
I just stared for a few minutes to soak it all in before I flipped it over to oogle at the back 
(Pirate themed)
But boy was I shocked! 
See this....

Um who is this Twisted Gypsy lady and why is she commandeering my precious business cards!?
I called the printer and politely, albeit frantically, told them what happened.
Apparently someone messed up.
So I had to staple. (STAPLE!) business cards together for my event because lets face it...
I aint belly dancin for anyone!

What's a princess to do?

(The printer is sending me 2500 MORE cards that are corrected. 
So now I will have 5000 cards. Anyone want one?!)


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Karen said...

Ok I can't stop laughing that is so terrible but hilarious