Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Girl on Fire (Katniss is not mentioned once)

Um... Hello?
Is anyone there? 
Did you forget about me?
I wouldnt blame ya if you did. 
I will admit it...
I am a disgrace to the blogging community. 
For that I apologize profusely.
Let me tell ya what I've been up to.

1. Princess stuff.
You'd see that on my instagram if you follow me.
2. Taking care of Little Miss Jane.
She has been a handful lately. Luckily she's a big ball of sunshine.
3. Taking care of Husband.
He's been working really hard. Luckily he's a little bit of sunshine himself, 
and heaven knows we need a little sunshine!
4. Lighting stuff of fire.
More on that later.
5. And Jack Bauer is back in my life for one more season.
No more explanation needed. 

Since I've been out of it lately I've forgotten the rules of blogging.
I feel like I should put a picture here or something. . .

There you go.
Isn't it fabulous?
I mean the baby, not the hottie on the right, 
although he's pretty fabulous too.

Hm... now what?
I'm thinking a funny story to brighten up your day.

Yesterday, I was making lunch and was heating up some oil in the frying pan.
Then I got distracted and started doing laundry, forgot about the frying pan,
realized it was super smokey in the house, ran to the oven, pan was scorched.
Me and Paisley's eyes were burning.
Opened doors and aired out.
Fast forward to dinner.
I was making pepper steak. (One of our favs)
Everything is almost ready, I just have to bake our bum buns and make the rice.
I. Burned. The. Rice.
(Who does that?)
Started making noodles while the buns baked.
Buns are done.
I pulled them out, placed them on the stove top,
I take off the oven mitt and toss it aside.
I am stirring the noodles when all the sudden, I see flames in my peripherals. 
Oven. Mitt. Has. Caught. FIRE. 
I dont make a peep. (When I'm scared, I dont scream, I tense up)
I grab it and toss it into the sink.
Noodles are done. Roll are done. 
Dinner tasted delicious alright. 

Happy Wednesday!
See you tomorrow.

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Siri Natalia said...

Looks like you have a little Brave character on your hands :)