Monday, October 22, 2012

13 Days of Halloween-Day IV Guest Post DIY

Today, for the 13 Days of Halloween, I have Michelle from My Happy Little Life
giving a tutorial on tutu's. They make awesome Halloween costumes! 
Go check her out.

Hi! This is Michelle from My Happy Little Life, where I blog about life, faith, my family, DIY's and anything else that is shiny enough to grab my attention :)  I am super excited to be able to show you my tutu how-to.  It is really easy and fairly inexpensive and it will make even the meanest witch this Halloween (you know, or Christmas, Easter or just the second Tuesday of any given month) positively melt when they see how adorable your little girl is.  This isn't exactly my first foray into tutu's but I'm not sure I can take up too much of Lauren's blog showing you every tutu my daughter has worn.  I will show you one though.  Feast your eyes on this.  

This was my daughter on her 2nd birthday.  She was in love with Elmo.  This tutu nearly scared me away from making more!  Please don't try to stuff 20 yards of tulle into one tiny toddler tutu unless you have the patience of a 75 year old Nun.  It will break you.  

I decided to try making a tutu again for my daughter for this Halloween after seeing a pin floating around that had several girls Halloween costumes that all were based on tutus.  In fact, check it out for yourself to try to get some inspiration after you see how awesome my tutorial is!  We made the Pocahontas one, because Sophia is currently obsessed.  Here we go, make your own tutu!

Supplies you will need:
8 yards of tulle (this was for a 3 1/2 year old)

First, round up your little girl and measure how long you want the tutu to be in length and how long you want it to be around the waist. Cut a piece of elastic that long.  Take your piece of cardboard and cut it twice the length of how long you want it to hang.  I made Sophia's 16 inches so it would hang 8.  Wrap the tulle around the cardboard around and around, yes, all 8 yards. 

 Carefully take your scissors and cut away at both ends.  It is many layers of tulle so you will have to do some serious cutting, but it won't be too hard.

Lay out the tulle, fold in half until you have the desired width of your pieces.

Cut them.

Now fold each piece in half as you start to put them on the elastic.

No that you have your first loop, repeat these steps until you are finished!

When you get to almost the end you will need to tie off the ends.  I actually took my sewing machine and stitched it up real quick, but in that Elmo one all the way at the top I just tied a knot and then tied a few more pieces of tulle and hot glued the bow over it to hide it.  I promise no one could tell.


Now that you have your tutu there are so many things you can do to make a Halloween costume and of course they are cute all year long.  

I am a mommy of two so I don't want to leave out my son.  I didn't make his costume, but I do think he is stinking adorable if I do say so myself.  Do you remember Pocahontas's friend Meiko?  The raccoon?  Here he is!  

I die.  So cute.  If any of you decide to make tutu's for your little girl please send me a picture over at my blog, I would love to see them!  Happy Trick or Treating!  



Michelle said...

I die! Thanks Lauren! I can't wait to return the favor! :)

MissMorgan said...

Such a cute tutu!
There's a giveaway on my blog right now! Check it out!

andrea brionne said...

awh these are so cute!! wish i had a little girl to make things for, but in a couple years maybe! haha :)

andrea brionne