Monday, October 22, 2012

13 Days of Halloween-Day V Braaaaaains!

I hate running.
When Gavin did a marathon over the summer I thought he was crazy.
And I still do... Running for fun? Insanity!
He's been trying to get me to do something like this forever because he knows how much I dislike the idea.
I told him the only way I'd willingly go running is if Zombies were chasing me.
Be careful what you wish for...
Because we found this little diddy...

For not being a runner, I think this looks INSANELY fun!
So yes, I am getting some running shoes and I am going to do it!
It's not until next summer, but I need to start training now because lets face it...
I love me some ice cream, cookies, soda, chips/popcorn and sitting on the couch.
Love it.
But I need to get ready for the zombie apocalypse that we all KNOW is coming.
I'll document my efforts, because I know you'll need a laugh now and then.
Good thing it's only 5k...
Nothin screams (pun) motivation like zombies threatening to eat your brains.
**Disclaimer: no brains will be eaten during the duration of this race.

Check out their website here and start sending happy thoughts and tips my way! (Please)

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Recently Roached said...

Oh my gosh! Grahm wants to do this race SO badly. haha. I think I'd be terrified.