Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogger of the Week-Recently Roached

Top o' the mornin to ye!
Today I have two posts for you... One is to introduce you to my blogger of the week, 
and you'll just have to wait to see the other, which I will post in a few minutes.
Jena is here posting today from her blog, Recently Roached.
Let me just tell you that she is the
Seriously, go check her out. I love her sense of humor and her awesome writing abilities. 
You wont be disappointed, I promise.


I thought I'd share some fun (maybe?) facts about my dork-wad self with y'all using the letters of Lauren's name. Who doesn't like a good acronym?

Loud (obnoxiously so) sream singer: I'm the sibling (or neighbor) that nobody likes. I belt into song at the drop of a hat, and let me just admit... it's no ear-gasm for ya. It only worsened when Adele waltzed into my ears. Thankfully my husband has this disease, too... aka we are awesome road trip buds.

Anal: I'm a few lint rollers short of a full-fledged OCD, but there are some things that I am absolutely anal retentive about. The bed. Yes husband, I know we're just going to mess it up again in 12 hours... but let's be real it's not that hard. At least adjust the decorative pillows, that's all I ask!

Unreasonably addicted to marshamallow puff: I can't explain it, but it's my thigh's best friend (or worst enemy, depending on your point of view).

Ridiculous: I not only have the boobs of an 11-year-old, I also have her brains. Just about. Laughing is my favorite thing in the world. I like to bust a gut at just about anything, but poop jokes truly take the cake. (That's a bit of a disturbing mental image.) Farting gets me every. single. time.

Ever crafting: My life motto (because I'm not fabulously wealthy) is "I can make that!" It's kinda in my genes; my mom is pretty dang handy with a hot glue gun. Pinterest doesn't help; it constantly makes me want to channel my inner Martha Stewart. Maybe one day, I'll get a new hobby... like learning how to cook. Betcha Grahm would appreciate that one.

New husband: (Well, kinda). Grahm is the donut at the end of my rainbow. Fo shiz. I married up, way up. He's a super smart engineer, and I'm a copy editor. We're not so secretly hoping to pop out the next Einstien baby wonderchild who's amazing at English and science. It can happen, right?

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