Thursday, September 13, 2012

Such a Polite Wolf

This post has been a long time in the making because, 
lets face it...
technology hates me.
And I mean HATES.
But like the big girl I am, I never gave up because this post is just plain brilliant.
So there are two videos here for you but you will need the back story.
About 17 years ago my mom was gone for the afternoon for one reason or another, 
so my dad was solely in charge of us young-ins. 
My dad must be an aspiring movie director because he whipped out the video recorder 
(The huge ones that hold an actual video cassette)
and had us re-enact the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
This was the result...

Pretty cute right?
We would watch this video over the years and laugh at all the little nuances and gestures we made.
We'd laugh at Levi  being so polite as he help little old granny into the closet. 
We laughed at Lexi who was oh so scared at seeing the wolf.
{Notice the tongue?}
We especially laughed at me tripping when I walk through the door, 
because, well not much has changed. 

Fast forward to this past Mothers Day. 
We wanted to do something super special for my mom 
and what better way than to re-visit our cuter days?
So we came up with this...

I pride myself on making a lot of gifts that I give, but this one takes the cake.
It was so much fun .

We even came up with ANOTHER version of the movie  to include our growing family
{Addie was born a few years later and 
Gavin married into, might I say, the coolest family ever?}
But like I said, technology is still eluding me and I have yet to upload that one.

PS. Did you notice I was pregnant during this? Yup, Paisley even helped too.
We are totally doing this when she is older and has some siblings to play with.



Lauren said...

Oh man! This is awesome! "My dad must be an aspiring movie director because he whipped out the video recorder" - this line totally made me laugh!!


Autumn said...

I didn't realize the second one would have the same sounds and voices from the first one. I couldn't stop laughing when I figured it out. I bet your Mom loved it!

Also...I love the doors inside your parent's house- so pretty.

More Sister Stuff said...

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