Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More 7 Q's

1. Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?
Oh yeah, all the time. But craizly enough, I cant think of them right now. :)
2. It's the first day of Fall (or Spring for you southern hemispherers) in a few days, what are you looking forward to most?
The crisp clean air! It's just a bit chilly enough to have a sweater and a scarf. Oh and cuddling! And apple cider AND HALLOWEEN. Oh my goodness I love it all.

3. Because a lack of coordination, would you rather not be able to tie your shoes or cut your own food?
Tie my shoes. Duh. Ballet flats require no tying.

4. Would you rather live in a house made entirely of glass or a house with no windows?
All glass. I get depressed when I dont see the sunshine. I'll just add curtains everywhere and open them when I feel like it. :)

5. Would you rather walk on you toes or heels forever?
Toes. Dancers do that anyway.

6. What's your favorite sense? (you have 5 btw)
Sight. I was totally thinking about this the other day. It's definitely something you dont think about, but if that was ever gone, it would be so hard to adjust. There are just too many things on earth to see and appreciate.

7. What's your favorite movie quote of all time?
I LOVE this question and hate it at the same time.
I pretty much communicate in movie quotes so its fun,
but I pretty much communicate in movie quotes
so its hard to choose!
I'd have to say...
"And thank yer ladies and gentlemen."
and pretty much anything else from this movie.

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Anonymous said...

I communicate in movie quotes a lot too! Sometimes when you have something to say and a movie has already said it, you automatically go back to the line in the movie and say it the way the movie said it right? Or at least think it that way haha. Movies are great for inspiration like that : ]

Miss Traci said...

Hah, me too with the movie quote communications :) And I am also so looking forward to Halloween!!
Stopping by from the link up :)

Gentri said...

haha! My sister and I, and one of our friends actually, can communicate via movie quotes no problem. :) I don't know which movie that's from though.