Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paisley 17 weeks

Dear Paisley,
You are getting so big my little munchkin!
I cant believe how much fun you are right now.
You just babble all day long.
You babble to yourself, you babble at me, at daddy and even your toys.
It is the sweetest sound we have ever heard.
You love looking at yourself in the mirror.
If you are crying, we hold you by the mirror and you immediately perk up at
"the other baby in the room"
You even know your name and will respond when we say it like a million times a day.
You still love your baths but mealtimes have been a mighty challenge.
You cry and cry and cry and don't even realize that I (or daddy) am trying to feed you.
That thing you keep choking on during your sobs?
That's the food you so desperately want, missy.
You are just too mad to realize it.
Paisley, you eat approximately every two hours and this has been happening
every. single. time.
No joke. Mama loves you, but she needs help (and an occasional timeout)
every once in awhile.
Silly girl.
You have these delicious chubby legs that we just adore.
When we say we could just eat you up, we are serious.
We love nibbling on your legs and your toes all day long.
We are so lucky to have you.
I often catch myself staring at you in awe that you are mine.
I couldn't ask for a better daughter.
You are my sunshine.
My only sunshine (besides your dad)
You make me happy.
When skies are grey (or blue, whatever)
You never know dear-
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.
(Because I will hunt them down and gut them like a fish.)

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Veronica Lee said...

Awww!! Totally adorable!

Happy Weekending!