Monday, April 16, 2012

Holy Guacamole!

What a week.
Sorry its been quiet here at My Happy Thought.
I really dont have a good excuse other than I am growing a baby and am lazy and really tired.
Gavin says that I shouldnt feel bad because its hard work but I cant help feeling a bit guilty.
Ever feel like you should be doing something but you just cant find the motivation to do it?
Of course you have {if you havent, you MUST tell me your secret.}

What things have YOU been procrastinating?

Let me tell you what I have been putting off...
Number 1:
Putting the baby room together. Why would I procrastinate this, you ask? Well this is more because I am forced to. Let me explain. . . We are currently living at my grandparents house while they serve an LDS mission. They are due to return only a few weeks after this little lady arrives. So tell me what the point is of putting together a nursery when we will have to pack it all up a few weeks later. I am saving that pleasure for wherever we end up after that. {Am I crazy?}
Dont worry, I havent neglected getting stuff for the baby! My mom and I just finished covering this rocking chair and fixing this adorable giraffe. {His neck was broken}
We are quite proud of our work...

Isnt he cute? We are going to put a bunch of tutu's on his neck.

Number 2:
The next thing I have procrastinated is packing. Like I said, we are moving soon and I thought that I would go through the house and organize everything so when we make our move with a newborn, we wont be so overwhelmed. Who wants to pack when you have a two week old? Well... I thought it'd be a good idea, but I am kinda running out of time. I might get to it... I might not.

Number 3:
Blogging. Obviously.

Number 4:
Housework. Who WANTS to do housework anyway? Not I! Not I...

It seems like things add up but I just keep putting them off. What do I do with my time then? Well I do cool things like... read. Or watch tv. Or just stare out the window. Cool stuff like that.
If I am wasting my time, shouldnt it be doing something totally epic and worthwhile?
That is my goal.
If I am not going to do the things I need to do, I might as well enjoy my last few weeks before I become a mother.
The only thing is, I dont know what to do!
This is a shout out... a PLEA... A calling to my blogger friends. . . What are some things I should do before I get to spend my time cuddling up my baby girl that I wont be able to do otherwise? Hopefully it will make this last {uncomfortable and awkward} weeks being pregnant go by quickly.
Bring it on.

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Anonymous said...

You should definitely not be feeling sorry for procrastinating! He's right.. you're growing a BABY and that's tuff stuff.

Lately I have been horrible about starting a million projects and not finishing them. I need to have more discipline to follow through from start to finish!!