Monday, April 9, 2012


Dear Downton Abby,
You are taking over my days. I cant get enough of you! I wish we could all dress like that. Maggie Smith is just brilliant. Simply awesome.

Dear McDonalds,
Dont ever get rid of your any size $1 drinks. What a deal.

Dear Draw Something,
Thanks for making my day a little more interesting. I especially enjoyed this one. I was in the middle of guessing Suzanne's drawing when she texted me. Pretty ironic considering what I was guessing. I love to laugh. 

Dear Baby's Room,
Well I guess its not a seperate room, since its at the foot of our bed, but I am super excited to use this darling cradle.

Dear Week 33,
So far you have been kind to me, although I am super tired, I am so glad to feel Little Lady move around and wiggle. We are almost to the end!

Dear Cousin Kaity,
You better keep a close eye on your new puppy. Because I just might steal him. :)




Ali said...

SEASICK! Hahahaha You look so cute! I didn't realize we're only 2 weeks apart! Now we're even cooler ;)

Carlie said...

I gotta check out this Downton Abbey show...everyone seems to love it!

And Drawsome is such an entertaining game! Good timing on that text!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh my gosh, you look SO cute and you ARE almost to the end, SO EXCITING!!!