Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15 Things I learned While Being Pregnant. . .

Thanks to the blog, Young People in Love, I decided to do a post similar to the one she did recently...
1. Even if you have never had heartburn before, Tums becomes your new best friend. I've gone through almost a whole bottle in 3 weeks.

2. Feeling the baby move is a wonderful experience. . . And sometimes really uncomfortable. Its eerie seeing your entire tummy change shape in a matter of seconds.

3. When you wake up in the morning, you think you can sit up the way you used to, but now you do a little squirmy dance just to get out of bed.

4. No matter how many times you go to the bathroom, you bladder will just fill up again in a matter of seconds.

5. There really is no position that is comfortable. When you stand, gravity takes its toll and it puts pressure on your back and legs. If you sit up tall, your back still hurts because you most likely arent used to correct posture. If you lean back, you cant breathe, if you lie on your side, you cant get up again and your arm goes numb. And you are told not to lie on your back because the weight of the baby can do something to the spine thats not good for you. Oy vey.

6. Nothing. . . I repeat NOTHING can prepare you for the arrival of your first child. You can read all the books in the world and get the greatest advice, but you will never feel fully prepare for what lies ahead. You can anticipate it and even look forward to it with joy, but you really have no idea what to expect or plan on.

7. None of your clothes will fit right on you while you are pregnant. None of them. But if you are like me, I only bought one maternity shirt and have two maternity pants and plan to make the rest of my wardrobe work because clothes are EXPENSIVE!!

8. The pregnancy card rocks. I love being able to get out of doing certain things and not feel guilty because I am pregnant.

9. Beware the sweet tooth. {I might have had that BEFORE I was pregnant though.}

10. When the baby moves and you grab your hubby's hand so he can feel it too, she will not move again until he has moved onto do other things.

11. Cold weather, a full stomach and a baby dont mix. Nothing is more miserable than being cold after a big meal when you are pregnant. Your whole body feels like its about to explode or shake to death.

12. Your cheeks will swell and make you feel like a chipmunk. You can say I really think this is adorable and hope it says after the baby. Not.

13. What's this "GLOW" people speak of? I sure dont have it. I break out an have greasy hair. Yay.

14. There will ALWAYS be something to worry about. Whether its not feeling her move in awhile or her moving too much, you will ALWAYS wonder if she is ok in there and you will have to refrain from calling the doctor for the 1800th time in the last 24 hours.

15. My hubby is a trooper. He listens to me complain about everything. He gives me massages and plays with my hair. He lets me be lazy. He allows me to blast the fan at night even when he is freezing. He giggles when he gets to feel her move, he holds me when hormones get the best of me and I just need to cry. He is the best support I could ask for and I am so excited that this baby is ours.

These realizations above are purely for laughs. I have been EXTREMELY blessed that this pregancy has gone so incredibly well. I am so excited to be a mother and for this baby to join our family.



Kylie Blood said...

oh my goodness I LOVED reading this! you're the cutest girl/mommy-to-be keep us up to date!

ginanorma said...

Ha, I would say those are pretty accurate, and I would say you DO have the glow, the pics you have posted of yourself are beautiful, I see it!