Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Not?

My friend, Kylee tagged me in a post so I thought I'd give it a go.
So here are 11 things about me, followed by the 11 questions Kylee posed.
I'll then post 11 new ones for the bloggers I tag to answer. (You can still participate even if i dont tag you.)

Ready? Ok.

1. Woke up with a nasty cold yesterday. I am rockin the red nose look.
2. I cant whistle. Not a tune, not a note, nothin.
3. I just found out orange citrus tea and am in LOVE. In fact, I think I will stop blogging for a second so I can go make some... Be right back.
4. Ok I am back and the tea is delicious. Number four-- I cant wait for spring time. I love the flowers, the clean air, my birthday, the green grass. Love.
5. I might have had a mini anxiety attack the other day when my cousin and I were talking and she said I could go into labor with Little Lady as soon as 6 weeks from now. Holy cow, where has the time gone?
6. Someday I will own an English Bulldog and name him Balthazaar.
7. I get really sad when I dont see my Gavin for long periods of time.(ok its only hours)
8. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Already have ideas for this years costume.
9. I have a horse named Locksley. He is the best.
10. I am kinda obsessed with Rockstar Diaries. (Who isnt?)
11. I love my new header for my blog. Gavin? Not so much. He hates the picture of us jumping up and down. I think its darling. What do you think?

Now for the questions from Kylee!

1. Favorite feature about yourself. Hmmm... I like to sing. Sometimes I think its good, especially when I sing in the shower.
2. One thing you want more than anything. Little lady to be born healthy and strong.
3. One thing that scares you about your future. Just the unknown is scary enough for me. I like to KNOW and PLAN whats gonna happen.
4. Biggest phobia? Clowns. Ugh...
5. Most exciting thing you have ever done? Hmm, Cancun was fun!
6. Biggest accomplishment? Marrying my stud of a husband in the SLC Temple
7. What is your biggest pet peeve? Rude people.
8. If you could be anything in the world when you grow up, what would it be? "A mommy and a babysitter" (That's what I said when I was graduating from preschool.)
9. Would you rather have no eyebrows or no eyelashes? No EYEBROWS! I love my eyelashes. Once, I was curling them and didnt realize the rubber inside wasnt there, so I ended up slicing them right off. They took a long time to grow back.
10. Cookies or ice cream? Um, BOTH!
11. What's one thing you want to do before you die? Go to Italy.

3. Elisabeth from La Vita e Bella
4. Alexis from Alexis Laughs
6. Carlie from Life... Full of Stories

Questions for YOU to answer:

1. Who is your favorite Disney Character and why?
2. What would you try to accomplish if you knew you could not fail?
3. What is the best thing you have ever eaten? {At least in the last week}
4. What is your guilty pleasure?
5. What is the one question you hope I dont ask?
6. What is the answer to that question? {Haha!}
7. Who would win in a fight? A}Jason Borne from The Borne Series. B} James Bond (Daniel Craig) or C} Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible?
8. What book or story could you read over and over again and not get tired of?
9. If you could have any kind of animal as a pet, what would you choose?
10.What was the last dream you had? {That you can remember?}
11. Would you rather... Never have to clean dishes again or never have to do laundry again, which would you choose?

Whoo hoo! I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with for their answers! Hope everyone is having a happy monday!

Whats a post without a picture right?
Well here ya go...

Gotta love instagram.
Dont worry, this was not taken today. . . I tried to take one today, but since I am sick, I will spare you the horror. :)
I am off to take a power nap to get over this cold.



Carlie said...

All I can say is OW!! It seems like it would hurt to slice off part of your eye lashes, though that would not make sense bc it doesn't hurt cutting your hair. ha =)
And I like the new header!
Thanks for the tag!

L said...

aww yay thanks for tagging me. I love the picture of you and Gavin jumping! =) It is sweet =)
Haha I love that you said mommy & babysitter in preschool =) How cute!
Hope you feel better soon!
Much Love,


Elisabeth said...

your eyes look incredible in that picture!
and italy is amazing.
and thank you for not choosing between cookies and icecream :) i woudln't be able to either!

Erin said...

so lovely! :)

Mindy Harris said...

love these kinds of posts!! feel better soon!
i am a new follower.

Alexis Kaye said...

thanks for tagging me! I hope to remember to do this next time I blog! And I get sad without seeing my husband too! and halloween is da bomb!