Friday, January 14, 2011

Newest Addition to Our Little Family

This should have been posted awhile ago, and I posted it on facebook, but I totally forgot to post it on here. Well we have a new member to our little family. Sadly, he is too big to live with us in our one room, basement apartment, but he is out running with his new friends and enjoying the outdoors. This is Locksley.......

When Gavin and I first started dating, he took me to a horse show. While I was looking around at all the horses, there was this girl riding bareback behind the arena. She had four of the most beautiful horses closed in around her and I fell in love (with the horses) They were red dun horses and had the shinyiest/most beautiful coat I have ever seen and I whispered to Gavin that I wanted a horse like that someday. A couple months ago, the Gardner family went to a horse show in Iowa and came back with this guy in their trailer. I couldnt believe it! A horse of my own!? A RED DUN nonetheless? Wow. I was (and still am) SO thankful. Locksley is such a funny horse. He isnt broke yet, but he is one of the most friendly animals I have ever met. He likes to get close to you and doesnt understand the meaning of a 'bubble'. He will come right up to meet you and stands super close to you. It is really cute.

One night at the farm, we were filming some scenes for the project I am in and all the horses, including Locksley, were curious and wouldnt leave. I was worried when we took him up to the farm, he would pick up the other horses bad habits and run away from us, but just the opposite happened, he was sort of their leader and they ALL came up to us and wouldnt leave. We were all amused. (Gavin said it might be because in the winter they are hungry, but I choose to believe that Locksley has a good influence on them. :) I cant wait to ride him this smmer.

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