Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Dream Job

Samantha Brown has my DREAM JOB! For those of you who dont watch the Travel channel, Samantha Brown has her very own show where she gets paid to travel to the most beautiful places in the world. I have always wanted to travel. What a shame it would be to live your entire life on this beautiful planet, and not get to see it? I wish I had money, just so I can see what this world has to offer.

I never liked sitting in history class, but I LOVE to hear stories about people and actually BE in the place people has been and feel their presence.

Some of the places I HAVE to go before I die are:

Something about Italy, specifically Portofino, Italy calls to me. My heart knows I would love it there and probably never want to go back. I just better make sure Gavin goes with me when I finally go there.


City of LOVE.


HISTORY! And its beautiufl... and their accents are awesome. And JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter there.... Yes!


This is full of history and would be awesome to see. Oh, wait! I AM GOING!!!! See you in JUNE!

Atlantis Resort, Bahama's
This resort looks like an adventure. Located in the Bahama's, it is an amazing resort that has a waterslide that goes UNDERWATER... IN THE OCEAN... Wow. CRAZY COOL! (and kinda scary...)


Scotland is such a magical place. And what history! My family has always talked about going to Scotland, since my grandma is from there. I love the accents and the stories.

New Zealand
This is the location of Middle Earth, need I say more? :)


What a beautiful place. It looks so peaceful and amazing just sitting there on the mountain side. Ah. Sigh... Beautiful.

This is my friend, KC. She got to hold a baby tiger. I had the chance to do that in Cabo San Lucas, but I thought it cost too much. Now I regret it SOOOOO BAD! I have always wanted to do that, and I had the chance but I let a measly $25 hold me back! The dress I ended up getting for my souvenir has sat in my closet for almost a year and I havent worn it once! NUTS! If I am ever given this opportunity again, I am taking it!

Isn't he cute? (KC is too. :)

These are just a few places I want to go. THERE ARE SOOOO MANY PLACES TO SEE! I encourage everyone to travel and see all they can see and do all they can do! Life is too short to miss all this beauty around us!

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Charlie Pulsipher said...

Yeah...I can't watch her show because it makes me hate her sooooo much.