Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 29 Pictures (Even Though I'm 31 Weeks)

Yes, I am a bit behind on my posting but thats because the stupid internet isnt working at my house AND my laptop is fried so I am confined to using my phone and that only works half the time. So I finally made my way over to the library so I think I deserve some kind of award or something.

Little lady is enjoying her time playing up in my ribs and making it hard for me to breathe or bend over and pick things up. She also has her days and nights mixed up and starts kicking and moving when I lay down to sleep. She's a funny one!



Mandy said...

You are so beautiful pregnant. can't wait to meet this baby girl!

Siri Natalia said...

Cute pictures and outfit! Excited for you! :)

Autumn said...

These pictures are adorable :)

Alexis Kaye said...

you look darling!!!