Thursday, March 29, 2012

Will You Go to the Dance with Me?

I was thumbing through my old journal and found an entry about how I asked a kid to a dance in high school and I gotta say...
I am a flippin genius.
Ok, maybe not, but I sure know how to entertain {myself}.
So! What I did was make a bunch of clues to send this dude on a scavenger hunt during our lunch break.
Let me know what you think!

Clue #1
The time has come, Sir David, to seek your lady fair
Your quest may be long and arduous, so tackle it if you dare.
So arm yourself with your shield and crown, your sword and noble steed,
And ride to the beat of coconuts to the place where masses feed.
Do not delay, for the time is nigh-
And your fair lady will need a reply.
So off you trod to seek your quest,
Find each knight and do not rest.
The first knight you seek has waited long with a crown upon her head,
But thats not your only clue, look for a boa thats red.

Clue #2
Now put on the boa and on you go, galloping along the way,
The next knight wears rabbit ears, look under her lunch tray.

Clue #3
The next task will take finesse, as you sing of your favorite things,
Only then can you receive your clue, from the lunch lady wearing wings.

Clue #4
You are to be commended for how valiantly you've fought,
Now onward to your journeys end, the fair lady's name you've sought.
Look long and hard for a six pointed star of gold,
There you will find your destiny, the mystery will then unfold.

Clue #5
So you've made it to the end only one more thing to try,
I hope you've worked up an appetite for some razzleberry pie!
Hands behind your back and close your eyes real tight,
At the bottom of this pie, a name you will soon bite!

Haha, genius I tell you.

~Today is my birthday. . . No big plans thus far.
Anyone have any suggestions to make the big 2-3 a bit more memorable? I really had to calculate how old I'd be turning because I couldnt remember. {I blame the pregnancy mind}
Send me some ideas!


Carlie said...

Happy birthday! You should go get some frozen yogurt!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! :)