Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!

1. Arriving at the church for an interview with the stake president and realizing I have two different colored boots on. One grey, the other brown. I spend the time waiting in the hallway trying to hide behind Gavin.

2. Having a St. Patty's Day dinner where all the food is green and I accepted a sugar cookie from Gavin. After biting into it, I realized that its not indeed green FROSTING he covered it in, but green GRAVY. Yuck.

3. Running out of gas in the middle of the street and having to call Gavin to come help me out. Then I was late for my doc appointment and had to call and tell them its because I am an idiot.

4. Witnessing a massive disaster at work where a little boy knocked over one display rack and created a domino effect. We had just BARELY got all settled in our new location that very day. Awesome. . . {See here for pictures}

1. Making our first big purchase for our Little Lady. {A stroller AND carseat!}

2. Celebrating my Dad's birthday and making him chocolate ganache cake. To. Die. For. He is the best.

3. Planning an epic Hunger Games party for this weekend.... Pictures will be posted beginning of next week!

4. Sleeping through the night.

5. Catching up with old friends.



Anonymous said...

The boots part is my favorite!! Hahah i'm still laughing, i love it :)

Carlie said...

That is so funny about the boots! If someone asked you could have told them it is the new style in Europe and since your a blogger you're a fashionista! haha =)

Ty, Whit & Bree said...

Love the boots. Pretty sure we have all done that at some point and time!