Monday, January 23, 2012


lately i have been super anxious about being organized and keeping everything clean.
i wouldnt say that this is a new attribute, its quite normal for me actually.
so why am i blogging about it, you ask?
well... it seems like its even more so than normal.
let me explain...
remember in a few post previous, i wrote about 'the waiting game'? well i think that has something to do with it.
i am due the end of may, but we will be moving to a new place about a month later.
where exactly that is, we dont have any clue.
what an adventure right?
we are living in my grandparents house while they are on their mission.
we have been living there for about 6 months and our stuff has started to melt into theirs and it has me worried.
how am i going to keep track of everything and pack everything when i am either 9 months prego OR with a brand new baby?
oh the adventure.
so lately i have been trying to separate everything and pack anything i can.
is this a good idea to start so soon?
i dont know.
i cant help it.
i like to think i am planning and preparing. but who knows if its a good idea or not.
wish me luck either way!
i guess some people call it "nesting."
hmmm... makes sense. 



Ali said...

Girl I hear ya! I've been over-obsessive about keeping things in place ;)

Hilary said...

good luck to you...wherever you end up...however you get there. :)


p.s...i totally understand needing to organize!