Saturday, January 21, 2012

a Letter and a Prayer

dear baby girl,
often i find myself wondering what it will be like when you arrive. who you'll look like and what kind of personality you will have.
i really hope you get your daddy's thick hair and kissable lips as well as his compassion towards others.
i hope you wont be afraid to believe in happily ever afters like your mama.
i hope, baby girl, you'll be full of ideas and adventure like your grandma jacquie.
and patient and loving like your grandpa boo.
i hope you can have fun and work hard like your grandpa gardner and kind and giving like your grandma gardner.
please be willing to show love to everyone around you, like your auntie addie.
dont be afraid to laugh and to make other people smile like uncle levi.
i hope you know that you are precious and a daughter of a heavenly king
be willing to try new things and develop your talents like auntie alexis.
when others around you are in need of a friend, i hope you jump at the opportunity to serve, like your aunt kate and uncle matt.
i hope you are dedicated and reliable in all you do like uncle jordan.
dont forget to be like aunt shalei and uncle jamis and love your family unconditionally.
there are so many people here anxious to meet you and support you.
whoever you are, baby girl, we love you.
Thank you for giving all of us so much to look forward to this coming year.
love always and forever,
your mama



Ali said...

Your bump is so cute! And she has you guys as parents, she'll definitely believe in happily ever afters ;)

Elisabeth said...

i love this lauren, really -its beautiful. and how neat will it be to show her this when she's older?

ps. INSPIRED link up tomorrow - be sure to check it out :)

BlackOps said...

Awe this made me cry! So cute!


Kylie Blood said...

Ahhh I LOVE YOUR BABY BUMP! so jealous!

Alexis Kaye said...

this is so sweet!