Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's hard for me to whistle... ok its almost impossible. Embarrassing.
I'm reminded of how much I love my husband when he helps me clean up.
I feel self-conscious when have to hand the nurse my cup at the doc's office. "Um, hi. Here is my specimen."
I am mildly dishonest when I tell the waiter/waitress at Wingers its my birthday even though its not so I can get a free Asphalt Pie.
I can't imagine a world without Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and baby booties.
I'm surprised that I still want to eat even though I already had a sandwich. Fish crackers. Rice Krispy Treats. Banana. Shasta.... Aaaaand a fruit roll up.
I get a little too easily wrapped up in dreaming up crafts for the baby's room.
I indulge in guilty pleasures like watching The Bachelor. Oh Ben... Please cut your hair.
I wish all things in life were as wonderful as sleeping in on a rainy day and cuddling up to the hubby.
I got this idea from the cute Sam on her blog, Young People in Love and I thought I'd post my own.
This is what she said...
As I was writing these, I thought, I wonder how other people would end these sentences....
So I decided to make it into a little game!
To play, just copy and paste the first, bolded part of each sentence and then add your own, personal ending.

Play along, link up, and make sure to leave the link to your post in a comment so I can check out your "sometimes!"



Callie Lynch said...

One of my favorite pasttimes is thinking of crafts for babys room. I need to start writing them all down! Cute sometimes!

Bennett Love

Alexis Kaye said...

oh my gosh Ben is in such high need of a hair cut it is not even funny!

The Daley Fam said...

I posted my own but have no idea how to link up! Great idea.

LindseyBee said...

I loved this post, Ell! I agree with you on almost everything (minus the fact that I don't have a baby. Yet. Haha.) Loved it!