Thursday, December 8, 2011

These are my Angry Eyes

Can I take a few minutes to vent?
Of course I can. Its my blog.
Dont worry, when I vent I try to share it in a funny way.
I dont think this post will disappoint.

Well my new favorite thing is LEGGINGS!
Especially because jeans are super uncomfortable when you have to use a hair tie to help you button your pants.
I love you, baby but somethings are just super uncomfortable.

Leggings are a-mazing.
I totally love the dress shirt look with leggings/socks and boots.
{And a scarf..Gotta love a scarf}

Like this:

I was browsing ebay looking for some inexpensive leggings for myself since I was having a hard time finding some at a decent price. And volia! There they were.
Pretty AND cheap. Done.
I ordered myself some.
I anxiously checked the mail for my leggins when it was due to arrive.
Darn. I check the next day. Still nothin.

Hmm nuts... finally I get an email from the seller:

Its ok... weird stuff happens to the best of us.
So I replied with an alternative color of my liking.
I check the mail every day for a week and a half.
Still nothing.
Finally I ask if she got my message.
She asked to verify my address.
I did.
Still nothin.
I. am. getting. ticked.
I WANT MY LEGGINGS! Its flippin COLD here!
I email her again and she says she needs my address AGAIN.
I gave her another chance. I really wanted these leggings.
So I email her and ask for my money back.

Is she for real?
{I can be patient.. I Can Be Patient... I CAN BE PATIENT!}
I replied giving her the low down.

Guess what...
Thats right. Nothin.

I am getting seriously miffed at this point. Who is this girl and does she treat ALL her customers like this?
I emailed again. She still doesnt know who I am.
{How hard would it be for her to look back through her inbox to figure it out? If it were me, I'd feel so bad about messing up an order, I'd hunt down the email like Gaston stalks the Beast} 

It has been a MONTH and a HALF since I ordered and I still dont have my money back.

Ok, its only like $10 total that I'm asking for, but I am a POOR girl who is trying to support her husband and future baby.
That $10 can go a long way!

I opened a case with Ebay to report her and she still is being difficult.
ALL I want to know is if I will be getting my money back anytime soon.
Is that too much to ask?!

Seriously, am I over-reacting?

I replied letting her know that ALL I want is my money back.
She replied with... "Yes, but I am worried about getting bad feedback."


I think the whole thing could have gone better if she had just not started that first email with:
"Hi hun."

There is somthing so patronizing about being called 'Hun' by someone you dont know.

Wouldnt you say, hun?

Mrs. Potato Head: "I'm packing your extra pair of shoes, and your angry eyes just in case."

These are my Angry Eyes.



Gentri said...

Uuuuug!! I am so sorry! I'd be mad too! I hope it all gets fixed soon!

Carlie said...
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Carlie said...

I hate when people call me hun and they don't know me! Mistake #1 by that girl. That stinks she is being so difficult. I would be annoyed too. This happened to my wedding ring a few months ago. Talk about major freak out. I had it redipped before we moved to Texas, and they said I would have it 3 days later. I didn't see that ring for 6 weeks and then it came back missing a diamond! I don't know why I wanted to share such a long comment, but basically want to say I feel your pain! haha.

Alyx said...

Wow. First of all, can't believe that someone running a BUSINESS called you "hun."
Second of all, she needs a hi-five in the face.
Third of all... I hope that you get your money back! And then... go to F21 to get some $4.50 leggings! hahha

Chrissy said...

Oh no, what a pain! Is she for real? I can not believe it! Never came across such poor customer service, ever! Hope you get your money back! xxx

Romanian Princess said...

I say leave negative feedback. How was her feedback anyways? Next time ask trent to buy them for you! Okay HUN! I love your angry eyes by the way too funny!

Ali said...

I HATE being called "hun" or "sweetie" by people that don't know me......I've caught myself saying it a couple times to other people, and I slapped myself. Girl I'm so sorry, I've had those encounters with eBay sellers, I give bad feedback regardless when they're that difficult!

I hope they get your money back soon!

Alynne Leigh said...

ohhhhhmyyyyy word!
I would be SO angry! I'm so nervous ordering things online, as it is. And this pretty much solidifies my fears.

I hope you get your money back, and that you find adorable warm leggings sooooon!

Alexis Kaye said...

give me her name. I will get those leggins for you. BWHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Autumn said...

Ahhh! I am angry for you! I have had this situation with two blog giveaways that I have paid the shipping for.

I just ordered some tights from "welovecolors" Nice thing is they are $5 more, but at least then you can pick from all of the colors they actually show available.

jen fuller said...

dude I lived in leggings for like 15 months (pregnant then months after) so stalk up, they are the best things ever when you're pregnant! and congrats btw!!! so exciting!!

Ariel said...

Oh my gosh that is SO frustrating. PS I wear leggings like everyday. Love them!