Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Telling the In-Laws

Still waiting to hear baby news?
Ok, you got it.
We will HOPEFULLY find out a week from TOMORROW if we are having a boy or a girl.
IF baby cooperates.
I heard I should drink a sip of caffeine before so the baby will move around a bit.
Anyone else heard that?
As of right now, my poll (<<<<<) says that out of 34 votes, 55% think its a girl.
and 41% think its a boy. . . and 1% thinks its an alien.
Thanks to whoever voted that.
I am sure it was a family member trying to be funny.
What can I say? We are hil-arious.
So if you havent voted yet, clickity click your vote on my sidebar

So I have another story for you.
Oh the good times we have!
Well Gav and I decided to wait a bit before we told our families.
We like to make sure things are pretty solid before we get too excited.
So we waited to tell the Gardner side.
We had been debating on HOW to tell them for awhile and we decided that we would tell our niece, Naiya and tell her it was a secret. Then we were hoping she woulnt be able to keep it a secret and say something.
Well... that DID happen. . . kinda.
Gavin took her to the side and told her to keep it a secret.
Then a few minutes later, we are all sitting around the dinner table and she comes up to Gav and has this mischevious look on her face.
We are thinking, 'this is it!' and she announces,
Of course everyone burst out laughing.
This embarassed her and she ran out of the room.
Awhile later, everyone still has the giggles and Gav announces that he may have thrown Naiya under the bus.
They asked if we were making an announcement and we said yes.
Oh Naiya...
You make us giggle.

 Isnt she a cutie?
We love you Naiya!



Alyx said...

Hahaha! That's great!

Siri Natalia said...

Oh that's hilarious! :) Love it!

alicia said...

waiting to find out the baby's sex- must be so exciting!