Monday, December 5, 2011

Scrooge doesnt like Color

Remeber this post about the REAL LIFE UP HOUSE?!

Thats right. Is here in Utah!

Well there has been an update since then.
It appears that a cute little family from California has bought the house and is calling it their 'home'
I am quite jealous.
Well.. I was just browsing our local news website and came across this story...

'Up' house may be too colorful for neighborhood harmony.

Apparently, the distinctive look has stirred a bit of controversy among neighbors in the Herriman subdivision.

One neighbor was quoted saying,
 "We see it every morning when we wake up and eat breakfast, we would like to not have to see multi-colors as we look out of our windows."

Is he for real?
What a Scrooge!
I would LOVE to start off my morning seeing those bright colors and a house that represents the love of a man and wife and the pursuit of their dreams. 

Weird little side note, but my wardrobe used to be alot of blacks, tans and greys and I recently started adding more color and who would have thought that just a little color during your day would brighten your mood!?

I dont see what the big deal is.
We could all use a little more bright, cheerful color in our lives.
Dont you think?


Romanian Princess said...

I thought of you when I read that article. I was like people are so stupid! They have to find SOMETHING to complain about! I love bright colors!


Elisabeth said...

i agree - and i think its ridiculous that people are complaining.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

so sad! i really hope they do not change of the colors of the house! it's so beautiful and loving!
xo TJ

Alyx said...

Have these people ever thought of closing their blinds? I mean, really. It's not that hard, and so stupid that they want the owners to change the colors of the house! Would I paint my house like that? Probably not, but I definitely wouldn't complain if that was my neighbor's house.

Ariel said...

They're probably just jealous of the family that gets to live in that house, because it's so cheery and wonderful! :)

Vivian said...

This house is right by my house. I guarantee you I'm not the one complaining ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there was an actual UP house! How cool is that?!? I can't believe someone would actually complain about that. I hope the neighborhood it's in doesn't make them repaint to boring colors. That would be sad!

katilda said...

this house pleases me in a big, fat way. also, hi, nice to meet you/your blog!