Friday, October 7, 2011

Stood Up

Remember this post from a few days ago about the big interview that was planned for yesterday?
Well here is how it went...
First I want to start of with a bit from one of my favorite movies...
You've Got Mail

What happened?

He never came.

He stood you up?

I think something happened, something
terrible and unexpected that made it
impossible for him --

George walks in.
What happened?

He wasn't able to make it.

He stood you up.

What could have happened?
Why didn't he come? Maybe he showed up,
took one look at me and left.

Not possible.

Maybe there was a subway accident.


A train was trapped underground with him

And no phone.

Or an automobile accident. Those cab
drivers are maniacs.

They hit something and you slam right
into that plastic partition.

His elbows could be in splints -- so he
can't really dial --

Or he could be in the hospital in one of
those semi-private room with like --

-- no phone.
So yeah... that pretty much sums up last night. I told her where to meet and I was there on time. I waited an hour. Nothing. No text, no phone call, no facebook messages. I wonder like Kathleen did if she drove by, took one look at me and drove off. {joke} or maybe something terrible happened. {I hope not!} Or maybe nothing at all. Maybe she forgot. Maybe she didnt really want to come in the first place, either way, I hope she is ok, but I am sad to say, I dont have an interview for you, my dear readers. I do apologize. Let me know how I can make it up to you.

My brother came along, and we had fun eating ice cream and fried zucchini and just sat and laughed. So it wasnt a complete waste of my time. I actually had alot of fun and I quite enjoyed myself.

 This is cinnamon and peach ice cream with gram crackers! Yum! Tasted like peach pie!

See? We had fun. But NOTHING is greater than this...

Maybe I will interview him instead. What do you think? :)
Eat your heart out Justice Beaver... I mean Justin Beiber.
{Name that show!}

PS. Dont forget to see who won the giveaway here!


Nicole Mariana said...

Im sorry you got stood up. Did you ever find out why? I wont stand you up, im almost as cool as she is! Love you!!!

Gentri said...

Oh no! That is terrible! And I so wasn't expecting that voice in that song... hahaha!

Heather-Dawn said...

That stinks that she stood you up, I hope she has a good explanation.
That song at the end though, ha ha! Wasn't expecting that!

Anonymous said...

Aw that is such a bummer! Hopefully everything is ok. I'm glad you still had fun that though that's what's most important!

Megs said...

That's way dumb she didn't show.... sorry that happened! Also, it was SO GOOD to finally meet you tonight!! :)

Kelsey Cole said...

you are ADORABLE! :) I was so glad to meet you tonight at the meetup party!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

K you are adorable, it was so fun talking to you last night! Have you been using you head massage thing? Ha ha! Sad you got stood up. You are so cute to stay positive! Well, totally following ya now girl :) Have a GREAT weekend!

Kylee said...

k i loved meeting you last night! you're adorable and i am loving your blog.. wish you could have gone to dinner with some of us after, but have a good one :) i'm excited to go and browse your blog...

Autumn said...

It was nice meeting you last night :) I put some photos up on my blog, everyone is welcome to steal them or ask me for bigger copies.

Autumn said...

Also, I feel a little bit embarrassed. I knew I was following your blog, but apparently I forgot to publicly follow your blog and have been doing it anonymously this whole time. Whoops.

You are adorable!

jen fuller said...

im sad we didn't get to talk at the party! your blog is awesome!! maybe ill obsess over it for a while to make me not feel so bad we didn't get to talk ;)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Darling blog! I love it!