Friday, October 7, 2011

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Here is a BIG thank you to all those who entered this giveaway! I LOVED hearing about your favorite Halloween costumes! Hopefully we can do another giveaway soon! You guys are ALL my happy thoughts. So... Without further ado...

Yay Mel  !!! {meL-not-me!}
Congrats! You are the winner of THREE hair clips from magic marbles etsy store!
Email me as soon as you can letting me know what three different colors you would like and I will get that to you asap. Thanks again!

PS. Stay tuned, I will be posting another story in a few minutes.



Gentri said...

I totally thought that said "me" haha! Thought it was funny that you entered your own giveaway and won. But "MEL", got it. :) Congrats mel! haha!

Lauren Gardner said...

Bahahaha! Gentri, can you imagine!? Lol. Yay me! Suckers! Maybe I will go add a space between the mel and the !. Congrats MEL !

Nicole Mariana said...

I really thought it said me! I was like, well that's weird, anyways! I'm glad MEL won!