Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You guys! This is Great!

Ok guys! I have a great opportunity tomorrow to interview the beautiful and talented Danielle Chuchran!

Dont know who Danielle is?
Shame on you.
Just kidding!
She is a local actress who had the leading role of Katniss in the Hunger Games Short Film created by
Havent seen it?
Check it out below. It is amazing.

Pretty sweet huh? I wish she would have gotten the part. Ah! C'est la vie! 
But! She has been doing very well for herself and I get to interview her tomorrow!
So... What I would like to know is...
What are some questions you would like to to ask this talented young lady? Let me know ASAP!!
Either comment on this post or email me at lauren_e_jones{at}
Dont miss this opportunity!
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Thanks guys!


_kArLy[*] said...

awh! what a cute blog you have! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

Megs said...

you should ask her how she got involved in acting and what motivates her to keep going (since the industry can be rough, I'm sure!). you should also ask her if maybe how she is able to make time for her relationships and keep the healthy and strong. and of course if she liked doing the Hunger Games short movie and what her *dream* role would be. Oh! or who is her favorite actress! Okay sorry this is a lot. just some ideas off the top of my head :)

so fun and exciting to get to interview her! good luck!

Gentri said...

I HAVE seen those and LOVED her as katniss!! I did not know that she was a local actress!!! Gah!! So cool! You should ask if she wants to come to our party!! Haha! Ask her if it was hard getting into character for katniss. The first short was such a gritty and emotional scene. I would think it'd be hard to prepare for that.

Siri Natalia said...

You could ask her this- "Is acting your greatest ambition? What other things do you love?" :) Good luck!

Mrs. Ali said...

Oh wow that was awesome! I definitely teared up a bunch!!

You could ask "What made you want to do this project??" Or "Did you think about auditioning for the real movie?"

Anonymous said...

Ahh I love the Hunger Games!! I am obsessed with the books and can't wait for the first movie to come out in March.

She did AMAZING as Katniss, she is exactly what I would imagine her looking like, too. I have some questions :)

1). How hard was it to play the role of Katniss?

2). Katniss has a pretty rough life. How difficult was it to get into her mindset to act the part? Did it ever affect you mentally?

3). What was it like being on set with the other actors and the directors and what was the atmosphere like?

Can't wait too see her responses after the interview :)