Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Prince should be a Hero

Lately, I was thinking about the different Disney Prince's and was trying to decide who I liked best and it was a tough decision. I thought about the different stories and realized that it takes a special kind of a guy to make it to "Disney Prince" status. What is the measure of a true Disney man?
Sure Prince Charming I and Prince Charming II (Snow White and Cinderella) have their perks: for example, Snow White's prince he... well.... he um. Yeah ok, he practically did nothing. Moving on... Cinderella's prince chased after her when the clock struck 12:00 but he didnt get very far. So smitten with Cinderella that he announced that he would marry whichever girl in the kingdom could get on the slipper she'd left behind, apparently not realizing that this could have been any number of girls. Or perhaps he did. Anyway, he couldn't be bothered to look for her himself, and got his gofer to do the work for him. A pair of mice had to save her. The end. What a fuddy duddy.

These Princes just dont cut it for me. I think a true Prince fights for his Princess.

For example, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty is a great example. He was ambushed without any weapons but still  managed to get in a couple good hits before being taken. After being imprisoned in a  fortress, he escaped with only the help of three fairies, fought his way through dozens of her henchmen and rode across a collapsing bridge to rescue his fair maiden. He then had to slash through an entire forest of thorns to get to her palace and finally had to battle the wicked witch herself, who turned into a fire-breathing dragon. Despite his odds, he fought and finally killed her by throwing his sword into her heart and still made it back in time to wake the sleeping princess.

That is dedication for you.

Or Prince Eric from A Little Mermaid. Eric was brave. He climbed onto an exploding boat in order to save his dog. He threw harpoons at Ursula the Sea Witch while holding his breath underwater for an indeterminate amount of time, and finally killed her by ramming a boat into her spine. Plus there is something about dark hair and light eyes. Handsome.

Or how about the Prince from Beauty and the Beast. {Does he even have a name? I think its Adam} He is also brave, and strong! He fights wolves with his bare hands and wins! He fights a trained cocky man who is shown to be a skilled hunter and also wins. But I think he changes the most for the one he loves, sweet Belle. His heart softens and he does the hardest thing anyone could do, he lets her go. Of course she comes back because she loves him as well. {Thats a whole other story about what makes a great Disney Princess}

Of course, I think he's a better beast than a prince.

You would probably be crazy if you didnt think I'd talk about this, but even though I love Disney stories, nothing compares to my love story. Of course I think my Freckled Prince is the best. He didnt have to brave any ogres or defeat any dragons, but he does provide for me every waking moment. Not a day goes by where he doesnt tells me he loves me and makes me smile and laugh. Nothing beats cuddling up to him at night and being able to talk about our hopes and dreams. He is the Ultimate Prince Charming and I love him dearly. ;)

Who doesnt love a man who can carry around dolls with his halloween costume?

Thats all for today. Who is your favorite prince?

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Siri Natalia said...

I think my favorite (obviously besides my own prince that I live with) would have to be Prince Phillip. :) He definitely had to fight hard!

Gentri said...

I was thinking about this the other day!! haha! I agree with you (and beast doesn't have a name. it's just Beast. haha! So sad. Although they were going to name him Edward or something but never did) about all of these. Aladin is pretty hot... I'm not sure which is my favorite though. I love them all! A real life "prince charming" would be even better. One day my prince will come... right??? haha!

Lauren Gardner said...

Disney Encyclopedia calls him Prince Adam! Who knew? He doesnt look like an Adam to me.

Ming said...

i love this post! actually i love all your posts cos i grew up on disney... but this one got me thinking and i had to write my own version of my prince. i actually took an excerpt of your post to quote in mine... hope you don't mind. if you'd rather not, pls let me know and i'll remove it. http://blog.mybabyfootsteps.com/?p=527

anyway my favourite is Beast! in fact i like him more before he turned human... who wouldn't like cuddling up to a huge teddy bear right? :) not to mention he has such a frightful look but such a tender heart...

The Mommy said...
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The Mommy said...

I never really thought about this before but it got me thinking! There are really a few dud princes out there in the land of Disney! Little Mermaid was always one of my favorites and I loved Prince Eric. I have to say, he is my favorite. I am lucky enough to have found my own prince charming, though and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Cute post!