Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to be Funny & Giveaway Winner Announced

Ever had one of those days you just want to cry?
Girls are weird.
I dont know about you, but somedays I just feel like I need to have a good cry. Its not like anything is wrong, I just want to cry. So I usually pop in a romantic movie like the Notebook or Pearl Harbor.

Or how about one of those days where you just want to laugh
Today is one of those days. I want to laugh so hard, I cry.

Oh how I love to laugh.

So in my quest to get some giggles, I googled "How to be Funny"
First off, it gives you a situation and then it gives you a joke pertaining to the situation.
For example:

                                               Situation                                                                    Joke

                                     Somebody is very tall.                      "Do you play basketball?"

                                                                                                   "Oh sorry, I thought you were a lightpost."

                                                                                                  "How's the weather up there?"

                                   Somebody is very short.                    "Where's the circus?"

                                                                                                   "How's the weather down there?"

                             Somebody stumbles.                                "Walk much?"

                                                                                                 "First day on your new feet?"

                                                                                                 "How's the weather down there?"

                           Somebody burps.                                      "Really?"

                                                                                                 "Well put."

                                                                                                 "Did you get any on you?"

                                                                                                  "Just as good the second time?"

                 Somebody says something untrue.                  "Bzzt, wrong answer. Thanks for playing."

Well... I dont know about you, but I was definitely crying.
Apparently "How's the weather" is a keeper for any situation.

Thank you world wide web for this useless and non funny information.

Better luck next time.


And to announce the WINNER of the MY Memories Scrapbooking Software:

Drum Roll!...

Congrats Carlie!

If you could email me at lauren_e_jones{at}
I will send you the code to get your free software!

Oh and here is a picture since I am trying to do better at taking them...
I took this the other day coming home with Gav:

Pretty hah? I just love the fall time!


Gentri said...

Beautiful picture! I have a similar one. :) funny thing- you should look up the everybody loves Raymond episode where deborah just needs a good cry. It's hilarious! I just watched it and this reminded me of it so much!

Carlie said...

YAY! I am so excited I won! Thank you!

And I totally know what you mean about needing a laugh or cry. I usually watch The Middle or Mod Family for a good laugh.

Alyx said...

I have definitely never heard the light post one... but every other tall joke in existence... you name it, I've heard it. If it's someone short asking, "Do you play basketball," I always say, "No. Do you play miniature golf?" ba-dum-CHING. Hilarious, I know.

Anonymous said...

My grandpa tells jokes like that. And seriously thinks they're funny. I've gotten very convincing with my fake laughs. ;o)

What a gorgeous picture!!!! The scenery around you is BEAUTIFUL!!

Vivian said...

Girl, we are WOMEN, that's what we do light swtiches we are happy and then all of the sudden sad or vice versa..good thing we have each other for support. And you know what? we start pretty young..otherwise ask my daughter...DRAMA!

Autumn said...

I have totally had one of those days and I totally understand. I love the spectrum of emotions girls have haha

Ashley said...

ha i have those days...girls need to cry and thats ok...thanks for the laughs with the jokes.

Mrs.S said...

Lol..I love all those little quotes/sayings above..
New follower, be sure to check my blog out in return.Xoxo

Mrs.S said...

Bummer, There should be a follow button on the top, or about half way through the middle of the page youll see my followers & you click JOIN THIS SITE=))
Hope that helps..

Charlie Pulsipher said...

"Did you get any on you" made me laugh.