Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've Been Bad

Seriously bad.
Want to know what I did that is so 'bad'?
Well... Gosh how do I say this?
{Quick like a band aid, just say it, Lauren!}
Deep Breath...
Whew. Got that off my chest.

Seriously bad.

I went to St. George this last weekend for a family getaway and I am ashamed to admit that I didnt take one. single. picture.
What is wrong with me? I am usually so good at it!
I apologize blogging world!
Pictures are what make our little community go round right?
And I failed.

I vow to do better. I promise!

Anyway, I found a cute video the other day.
Super cute.

Kids are hilarious.
What a smarty pants.

Tomorrow my friend, Gentri and I are going to make carmelled apples and watch Hocus Pocus
{The BEST Halloween movie EVER}
Tell me your FAV quote from the movie. I think mine is:

Allison: I like your costume, Dani.

Dani: Thank you! I really like yours too. Of course, I couldn't wear anything like that because I don't have any - what do you call them, Max? Yabbos?

[Max nearly spits out the cider he's drinking]

Dani: Max likes your yabbos... in fact, he loves them!

Speaking of Halloween...
If you all could do me a mightly favor and go vote for mine and Gavin's halloween costume from last year, that would be lovely.

Brangelina thanks you.

To vote click here and find our pic and cast your vote!

If for some reason it wont let you, you must "Like" them first.
Then on the left side under their profile pic, it says contest.
Then on the top middle section, it says See Entries

We are on page 3 second one down. :)

Curious to know what we will be going as this Halloween?
Stay tuned, Saturday is the BIG REVEAL!
{Ok, you will probably find out Monday since I am bad at blogging on weekends. Just in time for Halloween right?}


Anonymous said...

LOVE hocus pocus. I think it's the best Halloween movie too. I am bad at taking pictures too... I'm just not good at it though.

Elisabeth said...

hocus pocus is a classic :) and i think there is something about being part of the blogging world that makes you slightly anxious or just guilty when you do things and dont take pictures :)

Siri Natalia said...

Ha ha! Awesome costume! Love it! :) Good luck!

Alexis Kaye said...

hahahah what a great halloween costume!!!

Courtney B said...

Heeeey! We were in St George over the weekend too :) Wasn't the weather just PERFECT?! Especially compared to the crummy cold today :(
Lucky, you and Gentri will have the best time!
Oh my lanta.... that is the best Halloween costume EVER!! Hahaha I LOVE it!

Autumn said...

That costume is AMAZING. I couldn't stop laughing...very original :)

Anonymous said...

Hocus Pocus IS the best Halloween movie ever!!!!! That quote made me bust out laughing!!! :o) And so did that Halloween picture! Off to vote for ya...