Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Holiday

It feels a bit blasphemous to speak of Christmas BEFORE Halloween has even come,
but I am just too excited not to post about this!
Have you seen this terriffic movie?

Remember how Cameron and Kate swapped houses for the Holiday?

Well my family is doing a house swap for Christmas this year!
What exactly does that mean?
Well I shall tell you!
It means that we are going to fly out to FLORDIA
{ok its not as magical far away as Surrey, England; but we get to be on a BEACH on CHRISTMAS!} 
And it WILL be magical because we will get to go to Disney World AND Harry Potter Land!
We will stay in a house 5 minutes from Disney and Universal. And they will be coming here to go skiing and have a white Christmas. Everyone should have at least one Christmas on the beach OR in the snow.
Dont ya think?
Can I get a Whoot whoot?
It will be really fun.

So remember this post? Well I am gonna blog about it again...

If you are in the Utah area. {SLC or Utah county} and would like to join a bunch o' giggling girls to see this at the midnight showing, {Nov 18th}
Shoot me an email so I can get a list going.


After I get a list set up, I will send you an invoice for a movie ticket and I will pick them up so we can be sure to sit by each other. :)

So far I have listed as coming:


Gentri said...

I LOVe the holiday!! It's one of my favorites! :D and I'm so excited we're having a blogger twilight party!! Ah!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

That show rocks, and JEALOUS you get to go to Florida! YAY!

Mandy said...

I can't believe this Holiday idea!! How fun!!! So jealous and SOOO fun!

whitney tomlin said...

The holiday is one of my favorite movies! This will be my first Christmas on the beach. We are from alabama but moved to the FL in May. I'm so excited for it! I take it y'all are going to be around Orlando? ou friends live there! We live in Destin (the panhandle)

Seth + Carlie said...

I can't wait for the Twilight movie! A house swap sounds so cool. I love Disney World, and want to see the Harry Potter part of it...I mean we grew up with the books so I can't be too old for it, right?! haha

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the holiday! i never allow myself to do anything christmasy until thanksgiving day with the macy's thanksgiving day parade as the kick off. so i can never watch this movie until that time. now if only that beautiful town that kate lives in actually existed. i wouldn't mind switching there in a heart beat!
2. um, obsessed with twilight. i re-watched the trailer JUST this morning (no joke) and i got gitty with excitement. mr. taylor thought i was insane. bella and edward forever. i am almost sad for this movie to come out because that means all the movies are almost done. it's like harry potter all over again. except i never read the harry potter books.

okay, longest comment ever? i think so....
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

I love that movie!!! I watch it every Christmas along with Elf, and The Family Stone, and Love Actually...and I could go on. :o) Christmas movies are my favorite!!

So I never realized that there actually was such a thing as a house swap! I thought they just made that up for the movie!! Ya'll are going to have so much fun!!! (You're going right where I used to live in FL!!)

Elisabeth said...

This was the first holiday movie my now husband and I ever watched together - so cute. and i LOVE that idea ...someday i'll have a house cool enough that people will want to swap with me :) that'll be really neat...so exciting!

Alexis Kaye said...

Love your happy thoughts from your talk! :) and swapping?! What an awesome idea!!!

Courtney B said...

Oh my lanta!! What an amazing Christmas you're going to have!! Serioulsy, I'm jealous :) I'd LOVE to get out of the snow for Christmas.. haha!
I LOVE finding Utah Bloggers :) This movie date sounds so SO fun! I'll have to look at my calendar!