Monday, October 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I was talking to my new friend, Kylee and we were playing around with the idea of a group of us girls going to go see this at the midnight showing:

First off, I have some confessions...
1) Of COURSE I was am a huge fan. But it was BEFORE the movies.
Something about Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson drive me bonkers.
2) I still cant help seeing the movies
3) I dont do well in midnight showings, I am a wussy. But I am willing to do it!
Plus it would be fun with a bunch of girls. ;)
4) I have been known to drag the hubberz along to these movies and I honestly think he'd rather shoot himself in the foot than be seen watching 'Sparkling Vampires" {But he will do it for me. Aw!!!} I will try to spare him this year.
5) I honestly thought I would make a better Bella thank K-Stew.
{Who doesnt?}
6) And this may be the most embarassing of all... In high school, Twilight was not quite the 'craze' but I took bits and pieces from New Moon and put them into a monologue and performed it in front of the whole school at an assembly. Yeah... Em-barassing. Hey, I did get Sterling Scholar in Speech and Drama because of it. So I guess thats good.
{By the way, I killed it! Eat it, Kristen!}
7) Aaaaand... I think it would be really fun.

If you would be interested in going to the midnight showing to Breaking Dawn with a few crazy blogger girls, email me at lauren_e_jones{at} ASAP so I can get a count going!
It will be epic!!!


Gentri said...

Um, hello?! ME!!! ME!!! ME!!!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I agree with every opinion in this post. I'll fight ya on who would make a better Bella...but hey, we have the same name so it wouldn't matter right? oh, and sterling scholar...I'm auditioning for dance sterling scholar shortly...eek...maybe I will do a dance about vampire lust? ... it's an idea!

Romanian Princess said...

I want to come! Pick me, Pick me! Love you!

Kylee said...

yes! love this :) i'm definitely in ! I still may be doing some sort of giveaway for free tickets so i'll keep you guys updated!

Taylor Ann said...

YEAHHHHHHH!! taylorveater[@]