Monday, October 10, 2011

The Post with No Name Because its too Random

I didnt really have a specific topic to blog about today but I did have a bunch of little random things... Hence the title of this post.... Or lack thereof.
Its Monday. Oh Monday... Cant I just sleep it away? I have a oober cyber headache left over from last week and it wont go away. You know what those cyber headache's feel like, right? I get them when I stare at a computer screen too long. This happens more often than I'd like because I am at a computer all day at work. Yesh.

We have peaches in our backyard and we needed to pick them all before all the stormy-ness hit last week. So we (I should say, Gav) spent most Saturday morning cutting and storing them so they wont go bad. What a trooper.

Last night I had dreams about this kid...

Why? I have no idea.
So odd.
I'd tell you the details, but they are too embarrassing.

I am pretty sure I have written about this before but it was when approx. 2 people read my blog so I couldnt find the harm in writing about it again.
I love to write. {Hence one reason I have a blog} I have a crazy imagination. I love stories. I love being able to leave my body and come up with these adventures inside my head. I love creating characters and obstacles for them to overcome. Yes, I want to be a writer.
The only thing is that I am lazy. {Not a good combination I tell you!}
I have about 50 {YES! FIFTY!} stories floating around in my noggin begging to be written down and shared with others. But I just never take the time to do it.
Shame on me.
So I thought I needed some motivation. {What motivates YOU!?}
I thought maybe if I were writing for specific individuals other than myself, I could get it done. Maybe if I popped some Ibuprofen, I could stare at the computer screen just a bit longer during the day to write a chapter or two.
 If I wasnt so ADD {self diagnosis} I could focus on it instead of being distracted by a million other things I could be doing.
Ay me. What a life. What a life!
If I were to write a novel, would YOU read it?


Gentri said...

Of course I'd read it! Maybe write an outline for each of your stories and see which one inspires you the most. :) peaches are my favorite so I would love to have my own growing in my back yard!

Gentri said...

And is that an instagram photo I spy?? We should be instagram friends! I'm on there as gentrilee

Rolled Up Pretty said...

You are so cute! I totally know what you mean by a cyber headache. Those are the WORST! And I am just like you, there are so many things I want to do. I am just too lazy. I think you should start right a book, like right NOW! K, and I LOVE that you dreamed of that guy. Aren't dreams the weirdest?!

Charlie Pulsipher said...

Writing motivates me. When I sit down and the scenes start flowing out, I want to write more. Write. You can do it!

Megan and Justin said...

i just found your blog and you are adorable! following now :)

Autumn said...

That's so fun you have a fruit tree in your yard...I love apple and pear trees so much.

This weekend was a little too fast haha

Vivian said...

I have dreams about Ryan let's don't be embarrassed here :) I would read your stories. Start now...start posting them!